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law is above LEGAL. 2 systems, not 1.

God’s law is far more powerful than anything on earth. It stands above the legal system. It stands above the Supreme Court. Holding your own court as a man or woman and not as a title shuts down their court, their complaints, their fraud.

Policies, codes, statutes and legal fictions are not law and cannot be enforced on a man or woman. They can only be enforced on a title such as citizen, farmer, doctor, lawyer, teacher etc.

If you learn the difference between the two different courts and jurisdictions, you can shut down their game and literally change the world for the better.

Learn the true law today and save your family and save your money.

Areas of this site

Divorce & Separation​

These are legal terms they use to control you and your money. "law common to i" solves these issues.

Grandparent Rights​

Grandparent is a legal title that they invented to control your family. "law common to i" solves this issue.

Child Custody​

Child is a title the legal system made to replace "property", the highest right of a man or woman.

Domestic Violence​

Violence is a lawful term. Domestic violence is a legal term. Know the difference between jurisdictions.

Marriage/Civil Unions​

Marriage is a legal term and a marriage license is where they took control over your family and money.

Adoption & Surrogacy​

These are terms the legal system (not lawful system) made to control you and your family.

Property Settlements​

Property is the highest right a man or woman has. Don't let the legal system trick you into taking it from you.

We Look At The Law Differently

What Woke Warriors Say:

When you realize that everything you have been taught is a lie, and the reason is that the truth cripples the elites and their fraudulent legal system, you can either bury your head in the sand or stand up and fight against modern slavery. I choose to stand up against tyranny.
Shirley Parker
United States
As soon as I watched the first video on law common to i, I knew exactly who I was and how much of my freedom had been stolen little by little. The knowledge taught helped me to turn my court situations around very quickly.
Terry Franklin
United States

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