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All right. Hey, Jenna, how are you?

I’m doing great.

Yeah, I heard I hear that, uh, you got a success story that you want to share with our listeners. And I’m super excited to hear the whole story myself. And to talk about it. Basically, Jenna just called me and just told me five seconds. And we decided to jump on here and share it with all the listeners around the world. But um, but she’s, you know, she’s been learning the knowledge that we’re sharing over here at law calm and ai.com. And she’s doing really well with it and experienced quite a success story today. So why don’t we get into the backstory, Jenna of what’s what’s been going on and led led up to today’s events?

Absolutely. Um, so I have a 20 year old. And as we all know, we had the shutdown in 2020. That made it hard for a lot of people to work, and I helped my son to apply for unemployment insurance benefits. And they, you know, basically made us appeal, we went through this all these appeal processes and everything, even though he was deemed eligible for the payments. I mean, we spent hours and hours on the phone with them, like, when are you going to deposit this money? Oh, was about we’re about to deposit the money, will a year went by and

you applied Sorry to cut you off, you applied to this, this benefit from the legal society. And they, according to you and your son, they were supposed to pay you? And they didn’t. Exactly. And some time went by and so you were going back to them and saying, Hey, what’s going on? Here? You Where’s our money?

Exactly. And then not only that, um, so he did get some payments in 2021. But then they sent him a notice of determination redetermination, saying that he actually owed all of that money back as well. Not only did they owe him money, and they were saying he had to pay back everything they paid out. 2021

on top of wow, wow. Yeah. Well, and that’s, that’s what we kind of have been hearing from people over the past few years is that, you know, when when the when the legal society wants to give you a benefit or a privilege, and you contract with them and take it, they could take it back at any time. Because we’re, you know, we’re playing in their monopoly game. So

they can they think they can take it back. But I actually learned, you know, with with, with studying and everything, that it’s actually not their money, like, I found the source of the money. Right. And so I was able to stand on that, which we’ll talk about later, like what I actually did, but yeah, it’s, it was very frustrating. Stressful. Yeah. Yeah, very traumatic, because, you know, obviously, he needed money to live and, you know, I’m a single parent, so I raised him on my own, as best as I could, you know, and then it’s like, he turned 18. And it’s kind of like, it’s limited by what I can do for you, you know, like, you got to do your own thing. And then endemic was happening. So it’s just been very, very, very tough.

Right. Right. Well, so that’s, that’s, that’s, you know, a typical story, right? The the, the, the system likes to or the people engaged in the system like to find ways to traumatize us and keep us down and there’s just millions of these stories of people just trying to live their lives and, and getting you know, getting screwed by by those that operate in that monopoly system. So

I saw it a lot to doing research and everything trying to find solution other solution before I found law calm, and I saw many people just going through this, so I know that it’s definitely something that is, you know, a lot of people are facing.

Yeah, yeah, everybody’s going is we’re on the spiritual, you know, Battlefield right now. And the whole world is being shaken up. It’s like someone grabbed the ball and just started shooting, or whatever size we who knows what it is, everyone’s talking about lots and domes and globes and spheres and whatever, but it’s like someone just took it, whatever it is, whatever shape it is, and just started shaking it and we’re all like


totally discombobulated. Our brains are rattling around in our head. Everybody’s stressed out, and how do we get out of the system and you know, everybody’s running around like, oh, I need to be a state national, or I need to go to the secured party creditor route, or I need to authenticate the birth certificate, or I need to do this. And it’s that alone, that noise alone is making people’s heads rattle. And then I’m up here at the at the top of the mountain saying, Hey, guys, the knowledge is up here, I found the knowledge, I found the knowledge that’s actually on top of all that, that stands above all that stop playing in that monopoly game. It’s really confusing. And if it’s confusing, that should be a red flag, just come up the mountain. Here’s the informations here, it’s at the top of the mountain and everyone’s still down there doing their thing. And while you know, you came to the top of the mountain, and then you said, Oh my gosh, this is this is it. This is simple. This is it. This is powerful. This is this is law, because law stands above legal law was first and legal is the counterfeit. Legal is the is the clone nothing against the legal society. They’re operating in their monopoly game perfectly well, if they’re being very successful in what they’re doing. But we as mankind, get to decide whether we operate in the law one day and operate and legal the next day, and if they come for us, and try to harm us, while it makes sense to just stand up as a man or a woman, and operate in law, and shut that down. So let’s take a quick break. And then we’ll come back and talk about what you did to create the success story today.

All right, sounds good.

All right, we are back. So Jenna, let’s talk about what happened today. And then talk about how you did it. Because you know this this, what led up to what was the most recent set of events, your your son was being told through paperwork, or phone calls or something that he had to pay this money back and where you guys stood is? Well, wait a minute, you owe us money. And so there’s this battle going back and forth that that actually involved courts. So why don’t you explain all of this? Yeah, so I called you today after

what was supposed to be our hearing, my son came out here to my house at eight o’clock this morning. And the hearing was supposed to be at 11 or 1115. And we were supposed to call him 15 minutes ahead of time, they did say, you know, he could have someone with him as a witness or you know, to give power of authority not attorney but power of authority authority. So we call that tool, virtual court, virtual court. Exactly. It’s actually just going to be over the phone, not even zoom or anything, which we are disappointed because we want to look him in the eye but whatever. Um, and the, you know, receptionist or whoever answered the phone just said, Oh, your, your your hearings been canceled. There’s no hearing for you today. The issues been cleared. And there’s no claims against you anymore. And then I said, Well, I was like, Well, wait a second, like we still want to talk to the judge. Because because they owe us money. Right? You know, and so she’s like, well, you have to call the EDD or whatever, because there’s two branches with the California EDD. The EDD is what again, it stands for Employment Development Department. Ah, okay. Yep, that’s the acronyms he is EDD. And so then we were actually doing the hearing with the administrative side of the EDD, which is the California Employment Insurance appeals board, the CUI. So we were in talk to them. So that’s, I feel this, you

formally appealed this in the in the, in the legal jurisdiction. And today was going to be a hearing, but in between that time, you told me you actually sent a lawful notice.

So so what happened was I’ve been appealing it since you know, 2020 since July of 2020 using their forms well. I follow their rules and everything and then finally after I took the knowledge share, you know, had the knowledge share with you I sent a notice but I use I did use their form. So it was like notice one right there’s three notice process. And I did notice one right in the body that says explain the situation or whatever and and we couldn’t get a hearing before that we couldn’t even get a hearing like I thought for a year to get the hearing. And as soon as I sent that first one, even though it was on their form, then we got notice right away. Oh, okay. We have a hearing for you now. So that was like, yeah,

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they recognized you are now speaking as a woman and a man instead of a parent and a recipient or whatever. Wow, this is powerful. Yes, this is exactly what we’ve been telling people when people say, does it work? I don’t see how this can work. It’s a different vibration. And when they recognize Oh, this man or woman knows law. We share the sheep, right?

Yeah, I was so excited when I saw that. You know, we got the notice because we’ve been getting them notices from the EDD when we got the notice from the CUI AB I was like, good. This is a judge. They know the law. Like they’re gonna recognize this. You know what I mean? Right? That was very helpful when I saw that. Finally we were talking to a judge basically. Right? Yeah. Okay.

So then they set it they set a court date a virtual court date for today. And you called and they said, no, no, no, it’s been taken care of and what happened next.

So well, before the court date happened, I actually last or like, a few days ago, I sent certified I notice we’re supposed to use registered, but I use certified mail and sent the note notice number two, the basically

in your own in your own lawful writing Exactly. Their legal paperwork.

Exactly. Yep. Awesome. Okay. So I sent that to the head of the EDD, the director of the EDD and then the administrative law judge who was going to be

presiding sent it to three men acting as some sort of title and yeah, okay.

Yep. And so then we didn’t hear anything back from that. And then we just called in this morning to do the hearing. And like I said, the the woman just said, it’s already been, you know, that’s been what was

the outcome? What’s the exciting outcome? That outcome is blown away? I know.

So immediately, we checked my son’s EDD account and all the money was there. Not all not all. I’m gonna go back. I mean, it was all the money for they didn’t pay the pool. So I’m still now that I’ve tasted blood, I’m going for all of it. Right. But But $80,000 was in my son’s EDD account instantly, a matter of days.

15 minutes before you’re supposed to face the judge and have are the man acting as judge and have have court interesting how they want to avoid that at

all costs. Right, because they knew they’d be on the hook for something out of their pocket. Yeah, I love it.

There’s, they’re still on the hook for what they put us through. Yeah, we got we got the first one.

Right, right. It works. People. People don’t understand that. If you’re playing in the Monopoly game, you’re playing by their rules, and they will when they wrote the game, they stacked the game against us, they will win 99% of the time. But when you operate in law, what does what does John always say? 95% of the time, the first notice shuts it down? Yeah. And the more what you’re saying what you’re verifying here is that the first time they saw that you knew law, by writing your notice with it even within their paperwork. They stood up straight and said, Yes, you we hear you we will give you a court date. Yes. Yeah,

exactly. Stop giving us the runaround and started you know, addressing us properly.

Yeah, this is amazing.

I know exciting. It feels so good to you know, I really dove into the knowledge I really took to it. It makes perfect sense. It was almost like

was for Jenna doing this? Yeah, that’s awesome. Yeah. And you did jumping you did jump in. You’re not. You’re not one of these people that, like we all used to be, oh, I need to hire a lawyer. I need someone to do it for me or I need I need I need I need I need you realize that, that we need to take our knowledge back into our own brains and take the power back into our own hands. And you did just that. And here’s, here’s another win. It’s amazing. I love these stories. We stocked it to him. Jenna, you sucked it to him? Yep.

Yeah. But it’s a really great feeling to have that kind of victory. Because not only I mean, the the knowledge does resonate when you’re learning it, but then to be able to go out and actually use it and be effective in the world is it’s just an unbelievable feeling of elation and strength. And, you know, I just have so much I feel like I have so much power and I feel so empowered to help myself and my loved ones, you know, put these people are public servants in their place.

Yes, make the public servants actually serve us, those of mankind who are number two on the totem pole beneath Only the Creator, and everyone else serves us if they step into a public role, public position of public title, a servant title, if they step down from being a man or a woman from nine to five and step down into a title, they serve us and it’s time they’re reminded of this. And anyone that wants to also learn this can just go to law common to ai.com and check out the knowledge themselves. I’m so thankful that you’re willing to share this story. A lot of times it does involve personal details and finances and things that people in the past Last have not wanted to share. So thank you for being so open with our listeners. And so anything else that you want to add before we say goodbye?

Yeah, just You’re welcome. And I know that like I said, a lot of people are going through this. So I hope this can be helpful to encourage, you know, those of you that are listening to grab the bull by its horns and, you know, get this knowledge because it is so key and important, not only for today, and everything that we’re going through today, but also to hold the line for future generations. And future up and comers. You know, who they are and their rightful place so that we can get this world back on track.

I love it. I love it. Jenna, I know you and I are going to do more, even more great things in the future. And we’re doing it now. And thank you so much for your story and your testimonial. And that’s it today. Again, everybody. You can go to law common to ai.com and check out everything that we offer with this knowledge and get yourself empowered today. And see on the next episode. Thanks, Jen. I really appreciate it. You’re welcome. Thank you.


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