Abortion Laws Aren’t Laws at all


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[00:00:00] Hey, Hey everyone. Welcome. Welcome Jennifer Goodwin here. And today we are talking about a very, very hot topic, right? What’s the topic everyone’s talking about. That’s, you know, breaking people’s relationships up in friendships up, or whether to kill a baby, a mate or not. And again, I’m not here to say whether.

You know which side I’m on. It’s it’s irrelevant to my point. And no one is really talking about whether you should or you shouldn’t. What they’re talking about is whether you can, or you cannot based on which zip code you have within the corporation known as the United States. In that’s what I really wanna talk about.
And usually with my topics, even though I piggyback something, that’s a hot topic in the news, I’m showing you the side that people are not talking about. Right.

[00:01:00] So whether you’re pro-life or. Pro not life, whatever it’s called. What I want to point out is why the laws are different and whether there are laws and whether there’re just legal codes, acts, and statutes and policies.
Okay. And why is it different in one state and not, and, and from another state? So. If it was such a yes or no topic for humans, why wouldn’t it apply to the whole country or the whole earth? Right? If it was just yes or no for humans? Well, because each state is a sub corporation of their parent corporation, right?
The states that have public servants that. Pro murder. That’s what I’ll call it. Pro murder. I don’t know what they call it out there. Get money from the cabal to keep going in that direction. And the states that have servants that are pro-life have a harder time in the media. So why is it different state to state?
It all goes

[00:02:00] back to the money. It all goes back to the parent corporation and all roads lead back to Rome. You have to understand that all corporations on the planet are. Are overseen by Vatican city. Okay. If you start tracking Dunn’s numbers, they go back to Rome. All right. So how do you know what is law and what isn’t law?
Well, first of all, if you’ve been paying attention to the difference between law and legal, you know, that law is the original made by the creator and always has been law always will be law. And to summarize law I call it the umbrella lot. Do no harm. That’s the main law do not harm and this can trickle down and apply to all the other laws that the creator made.
The universal laws, the natural law. Okay. Not what manmade. At some point.

[00:03:00] Man came along and said, oh, that’s really too hard to follow. It’s really too hard to be a good man or good woman. You know, I wanna pick and choose when I get to do what I wanna do or do what the Lord or God says we need to do.
Okay. So these lazier easier men and women said, let’s create a cloned version of law and we’ll call it legal. They, I don’t know what they called it way back in the day, but let’s do all kinds of bad things in there that it eventually erase law and erode law. So again, if you’ve been following along then, you know, that legal is the undoing of law.
Legal is the counterfeit of law. Legal is the bastardization of law. Okay. Legal is not law. Legal is beneath law. Law will always be above law. Law will always. Trump Le or law will always be above legal and law will always

[00:04:00] Trump legal. That’s just the way it is. You know, mankind is kind of silly thinking that they’re more powerful than the, than the universal laws that control the world, but they did this way back in the day.
And it’s been playing out ever since they’ve taken the past, however many hundreds or thousands of years and, and chipped away at law and, and started changing the vocabulary and tricking you into thinking that. Legal is law. You know, people say, oh, look at what that police officer did. Does he think he’s above the law?
No police officers don’t know anything about law. They are policy enforcement, they are legal enforcement. They don’t know law. If they did they’d quit their jobs. And a lot of them do when they learn the difference here. So something that man did in his infinite wisdom of, of creating this legal system and creating this legal vocabulary that is different from law

[00:05:00] vocabulary was to put adjectives in front of words, which would then change the meanings of the words.
And they also created fake titles to, to trick you like lawmakers, governors, judges, P. That they could hide behind and only apply legal rules to, and to avoid getting caught breaking the law. That’s how the game works to do something legal is 99% of the time breaking the law. Let me repeat that. When you’re doing something in the legal system, you are most likely breaking the law.
And when we, you know, back when I was little, I can’t believe it’s coming full circle now, but back when I was little and put in Catholic school and I was learning about the Bible and God and right and wrong. And you know, we were, we were told that, you know, someday you’ll be judged for that. So all these people operating in the legal

[00:06:00] system, That are, that are not doing good deeds and, and breaking the loss of, you know, the, they they’re gonna have to pay for this at some point.
Just a couple examples of that, you know, the creator gave us. Fish to eat in the oceans and the lakes. Right? And if you eat meat, the creator gave us animals to, to hunt and, and, and have meat. The creator gave us the brain to create weapons. If we need to defend ourself. We were given plants to cure ourself weed and all other kinds of plants, marijuana millions of plants, right?
And these are just examples of things that are lawful to do, but in the legal system, they’ve convinced everybody, well, you need a license to hunt. Will you need a license to carry a weapon Orial license to go to war and kill another man license to kill. Okay. So when you’re doing something in the legal

[00:07:00] system, you are most likely breaking the law.
I’m gonna take a quick break and we’ll be right back. And look at some of the headlines I was talking about that, that we can look at and, and dissect.
And we are back. So let’s look at some of these headlines. I pulled a couple up today and because I don’t watch the news on television and I just have this software on my, on my computer that shows you know, based on keywords. So I can type in constitutional in any of the news. That’s coming up about that.
So I was just glancing at some of the news and one here, I’m gonna read it to you. It says the city of Austin. Is attempting to shield its residence from prosecution under a Texas law that would criminalize almost all abortions. If Roe versus Wade is overturned. The first push by a major city in a red state to try to circumvent

[00:08:00] state abortion policy.
See, they said it right there. It’s policy. It’s not law. Now let me, I wanna break down. This sent these two sentences. Okay. The city of Austin. Okay. The city of Austin is fiction on paper. It is a corporation on paper. You can’t go take a picture of the city of Austin. It doesn’t exist. What exists is buildings and street lights and cars and people that they call a city.
Okay. So the city of O Austin is, is a corporation. It’s just something that exists on paper. It’s just something manmade is attempting to shield. Now. An inanimate object cannot attempt anything. Only a man or a woman can attempt to shield. Maybe even a dog, you know, a trained security dog can attempt to shield, but only something living is my point.
And you have to break down

[00:09:00] these sentences to see the fuckery. So the city of Austin is attempting to shield its residents. What have we already learned in law? That resident is a legal title. Okay. It’s a, it’s a fiction title. Go take. I keep telling people, take a picture of a resident. I’ll give you $10,000.
Take a picture of government. I’ll give you $10,000. You can’t because it doesn’t exist. You can take a picture of a man or a woman. Who’s inside those, those manmade borders, but there’s no such thing as a resident. It’s just a title. It’s just a token. It’s just a game piece. Okay. And we’ll continue shield its residents from prosecution under a Texas law.
Okay. There’s that adjective, Texas law is not law. Florida law is not law. They call it Texas law because it’s actually. State

[00:10:00] policy when they put an adjective in front of it, that’s one of your biggest clues that it is not law. Okay. So let’s keep going. A Texas law that would criminalize almost all abortions.
If Roe versus Wade is overturned again. Roe versus Wade, is this some dead people that you know was, were judged in the, in the legal system, that law is, do no harm. So we can surmise from, from do no harm. What, what should or shouldn’t be done? The first push by a major city. Again, a city cannot push.
Only a man or a woman or, or, or an animal can push right. And put their, put their, put their ass into it, put their energy into it, put their hands up and push someone in a red state to try to circumvent state abortion policy it’s policy.

[00:11:00] It’s not law. Okay. So that’s just one headline with two sentences.
Let’s continue here. So that was the city of Austin and Texas and Oklahoma city. Here’s another one, Oklahoma governor. Governor’s a title Kevin St. On Wednesday, signed into law. Okay. That’s a lie. It’s not law. Didn’t sign anything into law, man. Can’t make law. The nation’s strictest abortion ban making the first state in the nation to effectively end availability of the procedure.
Okay. So that sentence actually has a lie. The media published a lie. It’s not law. It could be Oklahoma law. But again, if you put an adjective before law, it’s no longer law, it’s a corporate code act statute policy mandate order, whatever bill. Okay. There we go. Will

[00:12:00] continue state lawmakers again. There is no lawmaker, but the creator law was made in the beginning.
You cannot make another law. And some people say, well, what about the things that are in the constitution and the bill of rights and, and all in the declaration of independence, those were just manmade words on paper. Telling people telling public servants. We respect the law that our creator made. We want to live by the law of the creator.
Therefore, we’re gonna write some things down on paper and make sure you protect our way of life wanting to follow the law of the creator. Man, can’t make law. Okay. So state lawmakers approved the ban. Enforced by civil lawsuits. Civil means contract rather than criminal prosecution criminal is if you harm a man or a woman, so

[00:13:00] that’s another whole.
Anyway, that’s a, another whole topic right there. Similar to a Texas law. Again, that’s legal, not law. Okay. A Texas law translate that into a code act statute that was passed last year. The law’s not law takes effect immediately upon ST’s signature and prohibits all abortions. With few exceptions, abortion providers have said they will stop performing the procedure procedure.
As soon as the bill is signed. And what does bill mean? Money. So they’re using all these words in the media to distract you, to get you all riled up on whether you’re pro-life pro not life. That’s what they’re trying to do to you. And I’m here to just point out that. You know, you, you shall be known by your words, and this is how they, they get you to think that legal is the only way that state law is actually law.
That man can

[00:14:00] actually make law and be called a law maker. They cannot policy analyst that’s in here. Okay. Abortion, right? There’s that adjective man, and woman have rights, but if you put an adjective in front of it, it’s now in the legal jurisdiction, abortion rights, civil rights, human rights, women’s rights, black rights, gay rights, kids rights, dog rights, kitten rights.
Okay. You have to understand how all of this is written. Oklahoma law is not law. City of Austin. Law is not law. Texas law is not law. Law is do no harm. So to do something legal is 99% of the time to break the law. So while all these fake corporate states are, are duking all this out, the people that that are, you know, calling the shots around the world are laughing their asses off, like look at all these people.
One, you know,

[00:15:00] half of them are on this side and half of them are on that side. We’ll throw the next, we’ll throw the next Gasoline on the fire on the next fire and just watch them all go at each other. That’s about all I have to say about that because it’s a, it’s a hot topic, but I just wanted to use this topic to take a moment and point out that laws are not laws at all.
If there’s an adjective before it, there’s no such thing as abortion law, Texas law, Oklahoma law, those are legal codes, acts and statutes. And that’s it. Thanks for listening. I’ll see you next time.


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