Are you a man a woman or a title? How to win in court


This blog post is about our live meeting last night discussing how to win in court by understanding the difference between being a man or a woman or a title.

Jennifer Goodwin 0:10
All right, welcome, everyone. I’m so excited. I’m here with a man named john a good friend. And we’re gonna blow some minds today. So john has been teaching this this law common eye for what over 15 years and, and helping people around the world. And so, john, I know you have an intro to do. So why don’t you take it away? All right, sounds good.

jon little 0:35
So before I say a word on this call, let it be known that I’m going to have everybody here and notice as those of men and women kind. So before we begin, hi, a man and Jen a woman. Now notice you have man and woman time that we can and only wish to speak to you as man and woman, you are now on notice, as is fair to warn, that said, welcome. So

Jennifer Goodwin 0:59
what we’re going to cover today is, we’re really going to start at the beginning. So everybody has a clear understanding of who they are. So john, the way that I typically explain this is I give everyone a visual, I think, in visuals, and I say, picture a totem pole, right? Because I think everybody’s seen a totem pole at one point in their life. And if you believe in a creator, which I do, the creator has number one top of the totem pole number one position, I call it, and the Creator has created man and woman. And so man and woman is number two on the totem pole, right. And man and woman has created everything else that’s come. Governments and legal societies and titles like governors, and presidents and judges and, and all these things, and we’re going to get into this. But that becomes 345678 910 on the totem pole, and how the the powers that be figured out how to knock us off the number two position is by doing a bunch of things that they do, like having us to take titles and, and Lord over us. So I really want to get into this with you, john, about painting this picture of who people should be taking that man woman role back, and then how they got knocked off that number two position.

jon little 2:16
Excellent. So that’s a great start. So yes, it’s all about titles, duties and obligations in this world. So what we’re going to, you know, start teaching you guys here is the most important foundation for true knowledge for our generation right now. And this is the foundation that you need in order to live freely in your life, in your work in your family, and to be able to uphold your rights. And there’s been a confusion with the legal society versus law and most people don’t understand that there is a huge difference between the law and legal. absolutely huge and like right and wrong thing.

Jennifer Goodwin 2:55
Yeah. And and and what I think is hard for when when we tell people this right, john, we say there’s lawful versus legal and lawful, Trump’s legal lawful stands above legal. It’s almost hard for people to understand. What do you mean, there’s something else besides legal? Is this some new fad? Yeah. Is this something new that you’re just coming up with? No, it’s the original law.

jon little 3:19
It’s never gone anywhere. The law common to AI. Now, you know, we’ve got a lot of people that think, you know, common law or law of the land, that’s the people’s law, and all this other kind of stuff. And you’ve got to ask yourself, who is this common law guy or this law land? Or whose land are you bringing to that court? See, here’s one that we’re going to drop a real quick secret that most people don’t realize. You have the right to hold your court as a man or a woman, and not diminish yourself to that of a defendant or plaintiff and do file complaints. You can do what is called filing of claims and claims are quite different than complaints. And there’s a reason why they want you to complain about everything. And again, remember, you can complain about murder, you can complain about theft, you can complain about robbery. But when you understand the difference between a complaint and a claim, it’s like yeah, checkers versus you know, chess kind of thing. It’s not even the same category. Yes, they might be board games, but they’re completely different.

Jennifer Goodwin 4:19
Right. And people are still try they look at you like Well, yeah, but does this hold up in court? Well, yeah. But does the judges know this? And they absolutely do.

jon little 4:28
They absolutely do. Exactly. And this is the thing when you get to this kind of level of understanding of law, see laws all about harmony and removing of controversy. And see, we’re not taught that we’re taught to fight and to defend, and automatically we get into these rings with people like Mike Tyson, and you’re in the ring with Mike Tyson going okay, tied to the Fed. And you’re like, well, I’ve never taken boxing. What’s the same thing when you go to these courts? It’s like you never went to legal school. What are you doing going up against these people that have been lifelong Legal artists, UK and up and getting beat up. And the only reason they’re able to do this because again, we all know they’re only practicing law, they tell you themselves only allowed to practice law like I always say to Jen, you want me to practice surgery on you? Hell no. No, it seems like they, the legal society, again is very honorable. And people will say no, they’re not I took my kids when they did this, this is how I learned, okay, it’s okay and took five of my children. All right, I got them back. And I had to learn to live to learn difference between complaints and claims and all this other kind of stuff. And you know, what I found out, I found the everybody in the legal society, you know, this crap. So yes, some, but in general, the legal the legal society understands, when you bring forth honorable remedy, when you bring forth law, when you bring forth, you know, the honor of the court. And this comes forward by us understanding that we have the right to set the law

Jennifer Goodwin 5:57
as a man and a woman, not as a defendant, a parent, a citizen, a tenant, a resident, all these other titles, screw you over and sucking right back over into their jurisdiction. And they know this. So it’s all about,

jon little 6:17
it’s all about duties and obligations. And they want that title. Right, Jen, it all comes with duties and obligations. People don’t realize that, you know, we’re taught all our life when we’re young, you know, Oh, I can’t wait to be a doctor. I can’t wait to be a lawyer. I can’t wait to be a police officer. And I say to myself, well, you know, what is the doctor, I can’t cure you of cancer. Because under the under the legal administrative of the Medical Society, there is no cure for cancer. But as a man, I know multiple cures for cancer,

Jennifer Goodwin 6:41
right? And that’s what we want to hammer home today. That right, you can be a man who cures people of cancer, or you can be a doctor who is not legally allowed to answer because it’s the title. So they took the man that wears the stethoscope every day, they took him off the number two pole position, the totem pole position, and they said, Oh, you want to call yourself a doctor. Great. You’re now in position number eight, and now you’re bound to the duties and obligations of the Medical Society. Sorry, for your luck.

jon little 7:13
And now that not that that’s a bad thing. But the problem is, most people don’t even realize they have the choice. Right? Right. And that’s the thing, like it’s sometimes a great benefit to be a doctor and to have the coverage and to have that that title that prevents you from maybe being sued as a man and all this other kind of stuff to have those, you know, insurances and stuff like that. But the thing is, most people don’t know they have the choice. Right? Oh, you go to court, I gotta be a defendant. I gotta be plaintiff, I gotta get a lawyer to get represented that it’s like, like you said, that totem pole. Let’s talk about it. You got you’ve got God, okay, or creation or consciousness in the flesh, or whatever you want to believe or not believe. But then you have man and woman. And we all can believe that we can see it’s a fact we can all touch it See, and it’s based on facts and evidence to support the claim. We play doctor as a figure it out. Exactly right. And then we as man and woman kind being creations of creator itself. We create these legal societies. So let’s count these off Denver. So we have man and woman and we create the legal side, a side legal side, and then legal society creates governance. Okay, not now. And again, these are government’s versus de facto governments big difference, right? These governments say they now oversee the courts with say a judge. Okay, so there’s no title. Right? And then you get this judge and he oversees the prosecutor and the attorneys ranked number six on the day, and then the prosecutors and the attorneys or lawyers, they re present those notes, I don’t represent their clients, and then their client, they come in there as a defendant and a plaintiff being represented by the champion of the court having nothing to do with a court of law a verifiable claim before the court down on number seven already down number seven before you even open your mouth of that court. And this is why it’s so devastating to these courts when you truly understand the law. I’m not using some legal trickery or some paperwork or some USC nonsense I had nothing to do with or having my bursary tip yet you’re not taking it I gotta go the federal level yet gotta go there you go. Gotta get keys Yes, we got the Queen you get the pope to sign off on it, then you gotta get it notarized then you get to the federal state level. And then you have your rights, then you so much confusion. Yeah, right. And you know what I felt about all that stuff. You had your rights the whole damn time. The problem was you just didn’t know how to simply express those rights other right, those rights down fundamentally, again, people don’t realize that setting your laws as simple as putting a no parking sign in your driveway. Yep, you just set the law, you understand that when some parts of your drive when you have a sign that says just for the you know, to park and list properties with the fee of $50. And they do that and you’ve got evidence and that usually Set the law, you don’t have to go to Parliament, you didn’t have to go to Congress to have it approved or anything else, you know, you can go to judge judy court press that claim on that man or woman or anything else, right? And we see the forgotten that that, yes, you’re always able to set the law.

Jennifer Goodwin 10:13
And that’s why I say eight is 8 billion. So you know, men, most of my people know that. I learned more about constitutional stuff last year, and I learned more about state nationalism stuff last year. And then you know, I’m on to me law common is the highest knowledge, highest power. And people say, Well, what about the state national stuff? And what about this, and I say, it’s not that I poopoo it, it’s the order of things if a billion people all spoke 8 billion different languages, but they all knew law, common to AI, and they all had the confidence to express their own law, in their own language, or whatever. And then they wanted to assemble their county or their state. If all 8 billion people on the planet knew nobody can tread on me, no other man or woman can tell me what to do or think they have authority over me or think they can put a piece of paper in front of me, that’s gonna scare me. Well, now you have a world full of strong people, men and women that can shut anything down.

jon little 11:15
But and here’s the great thing, Jen, we don’t need the rest of them to figure this out. I’ve had I’ve got men and women, one in a state change in the whole states, right? By being able to understand exactly, because, again, you you know, the people who take my course and stuff like that, and our future course we’re doing together. You know, it is, It is that fundamental understanding that lets you realize, Oh, these are my government servants, we seem to have forgotten that. Like I really, really lost you employee. Yeah, we’ve really forgotten that. But then again, they’re not your public servants when you’re acting as a citizen, right? That’s what people don’t die. So elaborate on that. So okay, I understand this. So what do we got? Again, we got this creation of government, right? Well, the government is the creator of the citizen, the government is the greater the person whose man the consciousness of all that is, okay. So way big difference, right? So we have to we have it’s all volunteer, everything’s voluntary.

Jennifer Goodwin 12:19
Okay. Word citizen is a is a term a vocabulary word that was created by government for their own benefit, so they could Lord over it so they could have control over so they could well, not us tell citizens, men and women who who ignorantly consent to be called a citizen, have now consented their rights over to the government that created that word.

jon little 12:43
And here’s what it is. And I want to clarify that point there. So it’s not so much that we give away our rights. It’s because we can’t give away Right, right. It’s that we don’t know how to express our rights. So we we think that we Oh, well, we got an our citizens rights. Well, that’s like me saying I got cat rights or dog rights. You know, you had a you had a word for word rights, your rights. Exactly. Yeah, polka dot rights. I don’t have man rights. I have the rights of man and woman Chi. That’s it. It’s big difference in how you organize your words and how you speak. Right. And this is the thing, you know, it’s all about titles, you know, people a little a little thing like this, you know, I have a man who did witness to testify here today versus I have a witness to testify that is lawful. And one of those was a legal court. And that’s friggin simple, right? It’s that simple to to get or lose jurisdiction. If you don’t understand this stuff. If you don’t understand you’re playing chess. And he says a monopoly word. You’re like, Oh, yeah, I understand monopoly word. Of course, he’s going to allow you to play that game. And this is the thing that people don’t understand what legal and law legal is law, if you sign up for it. Just like when let’s give the monopoly analogy. I love this analogy. All right. So we go we all understand the game monopoly, okay. And we can do things a monopoly that would be unlawful and as well as illegal, for example, I can’t just foreclose on your property and just take it. I can’t just send you to jail without a trial court or anything else. But while playing Monopoly, your token your race car, your symbol, your horse, those guys can all go to jail. Why? Because you as the animator as the traitor, you allowed yourself to take on that persona, the persona, that mask Okay, that’s great. The only difference between what I’m teaching now and the game monopoly is most people don’t realize that they have a persona all the time called the citizenship that they don’t realize that they can put down just like the Monopoly game token. And just like the Monopoly game tokens, the rules, the rules of Monopoly that are just rules to Jen and john, are laws to the race car and the symbol right What people don’t get. So to Jen and I, a man and a woman, those silly rules out in the legal society that as long as we’ve caused no harm or wrong or for trespass, right, those are just rules. But if we want to defend against those rules, then and take on like a title, such as defendant and all this kind of stuff, or pro se, or self representing or appearing and all these kinds of things, right, we diminish ourselves, we make those legal rules, laws upon us, to their game back. Exactly. And this is what people don’t realize. So legal and law are completely opposite. But if you don’t understand that they’re completely opposite, they’ll be exactly the same. You don’t understand that you’re not a citizen, that you’re not a token, you know, again, I can be a licensed driver. And then I can be a man and travel. And then I can be, you know, a man or I can be a citizen. It’s not easy, but it’s like, What game are you playing on when you play in that game. And there’s certain times when you don’t want to be citizen, you want to be a man bringing forth honor, or remedy and removing that controversy. And that’s what laws truly about? See, it’s a very humbling thing to law. And that’s what most people don’t realize, you know, someone does you wrong, you send them notice, allow them to bring you forth remedy. That’s an honorable understanding of law. And when they don’t bring forth honorable remedy, then guess what, you don’t need a response from them. You don’t need anything from them, because they’ve gotten them put themselves in dishonor by not bringing forth remedy to a claim, not a complaint, a claim that was probably notice of them. And so when I go to court, I’m not looking for a judge to give me a ruling or a decision. I’m there to get a magistrate to uphold the law brought before the court and what law to john little court, of course, court of Utah, I don’t want to be at the court of Utah, john versus Bob. That’s the court of Utah. Why would I want to be in that court? I want to be the john little court

Jennifer Goodwin 16:53
that just happens to be held after you call court. Right? And when when and just to fill in some blanks here. For people John’s been teaching this you can you can take his one on one. You know, information, I’m with him directly. You can take the class that john and i do together. But he’s been teaching this and successfully for 15 years. And like he started off saying he handled this in his own life. He he held his own court, he teaches other people how to hold their own court. We’re not going to come out here and save you. We’re not going to write notices for you. We’re not going to be legal representatives or give you advice like lawyers

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jon little 17:37
do, right? We’re gonna share the same leaders that we make not followers. Yes,

Jennifer Goodwin 17:43
yes. Like that girl that you taught in Pennsylvania that, yeah, that now she she went out and shared it with five or 10 of her community members and fellow men and women and they’re holding down their whole county, right? It’s, it’s once you learn who you are as a man or a woman, and you circle back visualizing yourself as number two on the totem pole, and you see how they tricked you into 3456789 1020 down the totem pole, you finally understand, oh, that’s how they’re running games on me. Because I consented to the game I put on a costume, or I picked up a thimble I picked up a title. And I entered their game, right? Well, we’re gonna teach you how to identify the game, and how to choose if you want to be in the game or you don’t want to be in the game.

jon little 18:33
Right? What is the benefit to be in the game? And that’s the thing. So again, Jennifer and I, we have no controversy with anybody from the legal society. Because there is no Mr. Legal society that that has ever done us a wrong. It’s always been a bob or Joe or agenda or whatever, a man or a woman. So when we lost that illusion that the old Jedi mind trick of seeing an attorney or a prosecutor or a judge and becoming a pair that rental, aka pair rent looking for custodial duties for something that you already own. You see how they they manipulate once again,

Jennifer Goodwin 19:08
yeah, people still have a hard time wrapping their head around they say oh, I got I got a letter or notice from from the state of Ohio. Okay, did the state of Ohio sign their name state of Ohio? No, there’s no signature or autograph on here. Okay, so you have no idea if there’s an actual man flesh, man or flesh woman that is claiming anything on you know, okay, then you truly don’t understand how long comet AI works and how lawful versus legal works. And this is how it’s always been. It’s always been a man or a woman going to court to have a verifiable claim to say that another man or woman did them wrong. This is how laws always been at court. So again, we’re not teaching anything new. We’re bringing back the understanding of ancient law. Yeah, this is ancient law so people know what this is. Is he hidden?

jon little 20:02
bit like this, this is why, you know, and especially these Commonwealth countries, a jury is so important. And man like myself and Jan, who actually understands the power, we have a jury and jury nullification and stuff like that, to be able to express to them to differ between law and legal. That’s why we have juries so that a jury can say, you know what, that stuff seems pretty stupid, you know, people harm we’re gonna go Yeah, that’s great. That’s all legal in everything, but we don’t we’re not gonna agree with that. It’s causing harm to the event kind of woman time we’re gonna pull this man’s rights. And that’s what the juries were truly for. And again, now, you know, we’ve got this watered down version, because again, most people don’t know how to go there and express the law be afraid.

Jennifer Goodwin 20:43
So back in the day when when Mr. If Mr. Sheriff was was getting out of line, even, you know, just using Sheriff as an example. Yeah. Well, the jury knew back then, wait a minute, at the end of the day, Bob, you’re still a man, you just happened to be Sheriff from nine to five, four days a week or when you’re on your horse, but you’re a man in this community and we need to hold you accountable.

jon little 21:07
Right. You can’t You can’t take a title. So cause someone harm. Right. And that’s the difference. You know, people talk about, well, you know, a police officer assaulted me one time, and it’s like, Okay, what are you complaining for? And they’re like, Well, what do you mean, I’ll say to them, well, police officers perfect. like crazy, and I’m sure people, police officer perfect. Police officers haven’t done it wrong in their life. And they’re like, they don’t get it. They don’t get it that it’s the man that put on the costume. That’s right. The police officers the uniform the laws, the iron that uniform, the police officer is perfect. And so what do you do when that police officer does you wrong? You go File complaint, let’s a little word, save. Me. Officer broke my wrist. Yeah, angle complaint instead of filing a claim giving that man Bob Smith, who caused you harm, the opportunity to bring forth remedy in the private to you and when he doesn’t win that so called accident, escalates to what is a wrong then escalates. What is a trespass? You understand that we’re bringing this man to a court of law now not to complain against him to actually file a claim what’s like going to a court with a winning lottery ticket versus a bag of unwitting lottery tickets trying to convince a judge that you should be a winner. It’s a big, big

Jennifer Goodwin 22:27
difference to present your claim in court and hold your own court versus going to their court. And just complaining claim complaint claim as lawful complaint is legal.

jon little 22:41
That’s right. And any title, you know, they’ll call you a claimant again, you know, what we’re talking about is this true? civil court understanding. But if you go to their court and you start using their paperwork and filing under their titles, guess what? You’re no longer a man or woman filing claim. Now you’ve become a claimant? What’s that? another seven, eight levels below current complainer Ty you’re complaining as a claimant?

Jennifer Goodwin 23:10
You like a little noisy? Brett? Yeah. I’ve got a question from one of our audience members, Tim, that I’m going to answer for us. He says, I wanted to know if there’s a statute of limitation to file a claim on someone to make you whole and no, Tim, because in the lawful side, the trespass or the wrong or the harm is, is continuing until the man or woman who created that trespass wrong harm. provides remedy. And so here’s,

jon little 23:47
here’s what I say to that chin. I’ll say this to that. There has been no wrong or trespass yet. Until Tim I don’t care about having 20 years ago, until Tim lets that man or woman know of the claim for right foremost. Because until you put the claim out and say, Hey, listen, your dog caused an accident, something, you know, right, let’s

Jennifer Goodwin 24:08
go through an example. Let’s say, let’s say someone did something to you 20 years ago, but you never let them know that they did it. And so you’re gonna start now by saying you know what, back in the day, then then then I what you’re saying, john, is that it starts from the time you learn that first notice it starts

jon little 24:31
right? Yeah. So you won’t go back 20 years, right. But you would start from that day, if you believe that something happened. 20 years ago, you stole something you had proof for something and you’re like, Listen, you stole my motorcycle. I just found out you know, from Kenny, you know, he told me he’s stolen. I’ve got evidence and bla bla bla, right when you write up a correspondence you want to give me the money back for that and we call us even he doesn’t well guess what that can now escalate now to you know,

Jennifer Goodwin 24:54
now I can Yeah, it was back to a man to a man. You know, maybe maybe that That guy didn’t know he stole it. Maybe he thought someone gave it to him. Maybe he thought it was abandoned property and that communication and that correspondence in the community

jon little 25:09
so that that what would a citizen do? A citizen would just call the police right away complaint and all. Psycho and blah, blah, they wouldn’t do their own diligence. And automatically, they would throw away their claim vert, put it into a complaint, and the only ones that are making money from it, are the legal society answers, right?

Jennifer Goodwin 25:25
They make money and their food is controversy. That’s right. They love

jon little 25:29
controversy, controversy. And that’s the thing. Jen and I are going to teach you, you have to understand doing the same old stupid thing over and over again, is the definition of stupid and expecting a different result. Right? Yeah. So we’re gonna show you the difference of going to honor and this is why we say this is very humbling. You know, it is this is very grown up circle that we’re creating here. Because I’ll tell you right now, and I’m not trying to insult anybody, but I’ll tell you right now, most people, I don’t care how long you’ve been at this. Most people are about a fifth or sixth grade education, if they’re lucky when it comes to law, right. And, you know, within 10 minutes to, you know, 10 weeks with Jen and I, it’s like, oh, my god, you’re going to these courts. And it’s like, you’re talking to a judge. And he’s about a sixth grader in understanding of law. And you’re in there, like with a university degree in law. It’s just like, that’s the thing with all these gurus. It’s like, Oh, well, you got to read this book, get to read this. But you got to read this. And you got to know these stats. And these codes. You got to know these precedents, all this. And with this understanding, it’s so simple. You understand honorable removal of controversy. If you do something wrong, make fourth remedy? And then guess what, even if you were charged with something, if you honorably, remove the controversy honorably, make remedy honorably, remove all that. Again, I’ve had it done many times where we could not continue their charges against them, because the other side that they’d wrote to them and brought forth the remedy and you know, sent them checks and apologies, please forgive me, my trespass, so on and so forth. They ignore those notices. They didn’t bring in allow that man or woman to be forgiven of the trespass. Yes, this stuff is biblical. Okay. It’s biblical. Why do you think they still get you? You know, put your hand on the Bible, right? Because it is still biblical, okay. The original laws, right? It’s still the result. And those courts under adjudicator acts and all this kind of stuff. People don’t realize that they they’re just like a referee at a gym. And every court that comes before him can be a whole different set of rules. It could be a probate court, it could be an equity court, it could be a Tax Court, it could be a family court, it could be all these different types of court, but it’s very rare that they see the Jennifer Court or the john court, the suit. Yeah,

Jennifer Goodwin 27:46
people don’t believe it. JOHN, when I say, Oh, yeah, I can have the man acting as magistrate recite my oath. That’s right. I wrote out.

jon little 27:55
That’s right. Yeah, right. Right. And this is the thing that people don’t understand, you know, these public buildings. And again, last that public servant understanding these public buildings are for man and woman kind to be able to freely freely not even charge you don’t even have charges because you’re using all their legal codes. Of course, you’re gonna charge they’re supposed to be able to freely go to that court, press your claim in front of we the people and or a magistrate to oversee the and define the law before that court that you presented before the court. And that’s all you’re supposed to need. Simple. You’re supposed to be able to write your claim on a napkin if you need to. Okay, it doesn’t. It’s not about all this form. And all you go Well, yeah, you see section 404201. That’s 1302. And oh, then you gotta get the most up to that Bob about No, no, no, no, no. You better as a lawyer because you better Yeah, even have a lawyer. Exactly. Because you’re not you’re trying to, you know, use legal and well, you’re gonna have to have a representative kit that can practice law for you. Because again, we don’t we can’t have you know, you actually using law Your Holy shit. Right? Yeah. Right, me too powerful. So yeah. And again, this is the thing about when you really truly get this, you know, I’ll tell you right now I teach anywhere from a five to 10 week course. And the first week or two, it’s just like kids in a candy store. Just Oh my god, even I tell you right now, even on this call, I guarantee you get that feeling, I hope, my god. Right, and this is the thing and even then, it’d be like, you know, their fifth sixth, seventh eighth week, and they’re like, Oh, my God, I thought I was really getting in the first or second week, but now I really get it. Now. I really get what you’re saying. Oh, my God. Yeah, we’re screaming brains off the ceiling. Right, exactly. Right. And that’s what it is. Once you start understanding how to do a proper notice process. You’re not going to court and the court the land is silly enough to have a man or woman to come to court, or having that man or woman come to court when they’re trying to make honorable remedy and being forgiven of any trespass or being provided compensation for wrongs that were done to them by another man or woman. So you understand You know, they’ll tell you Oh, you can’t sue a prosecutor can’t sue a judge, you know, they’re immune from prosecution. They’re completely right. But that man, Bob Smith, he’s on immune

Jennifer Goodwin 30:08
wakley they’re so stuck on what they’ve been programmed to the authorities, you know, the police are gonna come arrest you, who is the police, a man or a woman is going to show up in a police car and a police costume and you can hold the man and a woman accountable.

jon little 30:25
Unless, of course, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used in the court, you know, against you in a court of law, you have the right to an attorney, you cannot afford to anymore sign attorney for you. Do you understand your rights? And when? I sure don’t, I don’t understand any of what you just said. Because again, why would I need him to give me Miranda’s rights when I already have my rights as man? Is Miranda. Exactly. I’ve read your Miranda rights and how much do they teach that in school? All he did, or the TV and all that? Oh, we didn’t read them random. Right. So he can’t you know, he’s got no jurisdiction, everything else? That’s what it’s about, though. That’s what it’s about. Yes. They don’t have jurisdiction. It’s all consent. Mm hmm. Right. Everything’s just like, Oh, please sign this paperwork doesn’t mean you’re guilty. Well, that’s right. That might not mean you’re guilty, but it’s true means that you’re contracting. That’s right. Right. And so this is the understanding, right, man acting as police officer takes me into jail. He says, Well, you need to sign this promise to appear. Yeah, I’m not gonna sign that. But I will be there. You know, I’m more than happy to make force out remedies any Well, you have to sign this, you know, blah, blah, whatever towards the man. I’m gonna. Well, if you don’t, we’re gonna have to keep you here and remain here until the court date. Oh, well, that would be called trespass by way of extortion. trespass by way of unlawful confinement. I looked for a million dollars was $1 per second for that trespass? Well, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well, you take that up with the judge. Oh, no, I’m not gonna take that judge Bob, it’s gonna be you. You’re the one who’s deciding to do that to me.

Well, you

know what, you can’t do that. Well, next thing, you know, Bob’s talking to a couple of lawyers and Bob Sutton couple of friends. And all of a sudden Bob’s like, Yeah, well, you better be at court. Right. So this comes back to the man and all comes back to consent. Everything is consent. Right? I can I can beat the living tired of another man or woman, right? As long as consensual for in a boxing ring. Right? We can both consent the beat the live entirely of each other. Right? But that box, it comes out a ring hit somebody in the audience member Guess what? Oh, you just hit a man as a man. You weren’t you just stepped out of your jurisdiction. You see what I’m saying? So this is what I’m saying. Like people don’t get this. It’s all about

Jennifer Goodwin 32:36
title. They’re gonna get it, they’re gonna get it. I highly encourage anyone listening to this to take our class and we’re going to be you know, talking all about this one on every call we do. So that’s gonna be it for today. What do you say john? You

jon little 32:54
think? Yeah, that’s that’s like, hey, they got a, you know, go back. Listen this call a few times, because I’ll tell you right now, we dropped a lot of nuggets here. That Yeah, just gonna be like, that’s the problem when you drop so many nuggets. You’re so busy looking and thinking about that first nugget. We dropped 50 more, and you go back to the course. I didn’t hear that the first time. The second time. got five more nuggets. Yeah,

Jennifer Goodwin 33:16
yeah. Now I want to just really want to hammer hammer into people first and foremost. Remember who you are. You’re a man or a woman with with number two pole position, right? Don’t let anyone take you down. 234-567-8910 and start practicing. start listening. start figuring out Oh, when I rented that house, I became a tenant. Oh, when I went into the the I don’t know the the veterinarian’s office, I signed it as a foster parent, or start identifying the titles that are in your face all day, every day you go to the DMV, oh, now you’re a driver. Okay, so there are titles everywhere to knock you off that number two pole position. Why do you think they have 77 genders, and I have nothing against, you know, my gay friends. But you know, there’s a reason they want you to call yourself something other than a man or a woman woman because it’s the number two pole position.

jon little 34:22
That’s right. You call yourself a male, call yourself a bale. That’s a nice guys. I’m a female, a male that’s not a man or a woman. That’s an entity that’s an adult. What’s an adult? I don’t know, some of the legal society has to do with a man or woman. It’s the words that we don’t realize, you know, they don’t sound the same. They don’t mean the same thing. Laws expressed in legal is implied. And that’s all saying that Jen

Jennifer Goodwin 34:47
that’s it for today guys. We will talk to you again soon. Excellent.

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