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Can Bitcoin Create Freedom and Sovereignty?


Can Bitcoin Create Freedom and Sovereignty?

A podcast with Jason Rashidnia about Bitcoin for Sovereignty

All right, welcome. So today’s guest is Jason Rashidnia. And for the past 10 years, Jason has been mastering leading edge technology and marketing tactics to help major companies grow exponentially, but only the ones that will save the world and the areas that he is passionate about, such as solar and digital assets and agriculture and other things. Basically, his mission is to elevate consciousness through energy, assets, and food, and I highly encourage you to follow all his awesomeness at Jason rush. Just like it sounds, I’ll spell it out in a minute. Just go to his website, drop your email on the homepage to get alerts about everything he is doing. Everything is teaching and sharing. Because this guy is one to watch, he is going to be helping to change the world with others like me. So again, the website is Jason So thanks for being here today, Jason.

Awesome. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it. Being on podcast, yeah. Alright, so we are going to get into what we’re talking about. Let’s talk about how this relates to everything that I’m always preaching with law common to AI, which really comes down to a man or a woman realizing their sovereignty, which is so important right now. And sovereignty means freedom, it means to learn how to self govern, it’s the true freedom that we were given from God, it’s not man made. And it’s really about, you know, reaching that highest power of knowledge and authority and freedom that everybody’s seeking right now. So in many different ways, what you what you also talk about and teach people with owning assets, and the right to free energy is all about sovereignty and self governing. So tell me, tell me a little bit about you know, people know, in the in the law common to i, in the sovereignty movement, that owning assets, they usually think of land, right, they think of, I need to own land, I need to own a house, I need to own some gold and silver, and whatever I own is my property. But things are changing in the world. And there’s, there’s new kinds of assets, right?

To listen to the whole interview, click here.

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