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Child Support Is Not Lawful


The problem with child support is…

That it’s part of the legal system and not lawful.
The way the child support system is rigged, (whether it’s in Texas, Georgia or Virginia, doesn’t matter) is to meddle in your family’s business and take your money without any lay saying that they can.

They take your money with a child support calculator and send you on your way. If you knew the truth, the amount would be $0.

They tricked you into having authority over your offspring and family members via the birth certificate fraud and the marriage license fraud.

You consented unknowingly, to a system that takes you away from all of your God given rights.

There are two sets of laws: law common to i (natural law) and legal law.

Your creator perfected law (thou shall not kill, thou shall not bear false witness etc.) and man corrupted it for his own greedy gains.

Using our notice below, you can start to leave the corrupt system behind and learn how to stand on your own with true knowledge of “law common to i” and what it really means to have constitutional rights, freedoms and peace of mind to keep your family safe.

Get our Free Child Support Reply Notice!

Use this as our gift to you and tweak it to fit your specific situation.


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