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Hey, hey Jill. Hey everyone. How’s it going? Hey, hey, what’s going on? Ah, today? Today we’re gonna talk about crypto assets. People call it cryptocurrency up for ready? Yeah. Let’s get into it. Oh, I suck at it. Jill’s really good at it. Man, I don’t like my screen a little bit. Yeah, for those that are that are catching it in one way that can actually see. See, hold on a second. So if anyone is listening or watching and you haven’t ventured into the world of digital coins and all that fun, you’re welcome to go to Jennifer H Click on Resources, my resources, and there’ll be a free crypto setup course. Just to just to show you how to, you know, purchase sign up for your first exchange, what exchanges you know, some of the most common how to buy up some of your first Bitcoin or your alt coins. So it’s real, real basic, real easy to follow, and it is free. So Jennifer Goodwin comm click on Resources and find the free cryptocurrency for beginners. And so Jill, you, um, you know, not that we’re going to disclose our our numbers, but, um, our exact numbers on crypto, but, you know, let’s, let’s talk about the first question everybody has is, is the Cabal behind it? You know, what is crypto? And, you know, this is the way I think about it, you can chime in here to that, I think here’s a couple theories I have, like, the Cabal compromises everything right? If at some point, they compromise everything, yes, you know, they may or may not have come up with the idea. But you damn well better believe that. They’re going to try and compromise it. So in the beginning, they’re just like, well, let all the programmers of the world figure it out. First, let let let the dust settle at some point, let the, you know, top 10 exchanges rise to the top over the first 510 1520 years. And then they’ll compromise the exchanges. It’s almost I think they just sit back and they’re waiting and watching the sea to get off. Yep. Yeah. Because it early on early on for me which I was late to the crypto game. So I was only in in 2017. I was like, okay, the the central bank is centralized, meaning a couple families own all of banking on the planet, and have for hundreds of years. The Crypto world is decentralized. So I immediately thought that’s a great thing, you know, Power to the people. And you know, it’s got to be the accounting can’t be faked, right? It can’t be? Because it’s balancing what across? How many nodes are there today? It’s bouncing across like, I don’t know, 50,000 100,000 different computers around the world. So a lot, a lot. Yeah, a lot, a lot more than I think a a man or a woman of the who sometimes acts as a COBOL agent could could manipulate. And so who knows what do you think?

My thought process comes in? There’s many people that are thinking of this as a long term play. And Bitcoin has been around for a while. So I’m not going to say that it’s not going to be super long term. I didn’t get involved because I didn’t understand it. Right. And I got involved a few years ago. And you know, I’ve got some coins and tokens on multiple different platforms. But literally, if I lost it all tomorrow, I’d be upset for a day because like this was retarded, I can’t believe it just happened but at the same time. It’s not I just don’t have a lot of feeling around it because I feel that it is more unstable than we think it is. It is more controlled by the Cabal. I feel like it might be connected to the dollar. So if the dollar crashes, the crypto goes I still am wide open.

Oh, there’s no and for people that aren’t aware, um, it’s considered a asset, not a currency. Yeah, it’s a it’s a crypto asset. It’s it’s literally a fake digital asset that people give value to too out of thin air. Now, of course there’s value on the back end if the particular company that that built that coin or that token or that technology is gonna do something with the technology. Right? Right. And that’s why people look into the white papers and they see who’s behind it and who invented it. And does it have a long track record of a good good leadership group? And are they trying to do good things in the world and and then you just have meme coins that are named after dogs and puppies and those are going through the moon. I mean, wait crazy 9x One of your you dabbled with some some fr NS and you you’re already nine times bigger just in one coin. That’s crazy. Yeah, and like a month and like, in like two months,

it was fast. And I hold I hold the round about a few 1000 fiat currency is the way I explained it rather than in Bitcoin. But Bitcoin and Ethereum and XRP, those are long holds for me any money I got in there that’s just sitting there because I have no gut feeling that I need to do anything with it. Um, the stuff like Shiva, and we were talking about se tama, and they’re safe mode. And there’s CLI and there’s, there’s so many to me, those are, yeah, those are short term. And I put in total, Andy and I were talking about it yesterday, I’ve put in total, like of my own, I saved my own money, there’s no money, there’s no money. I took Federal Reserve notes that were that were mine in my possession. And it was about $1,900 Right now, inside of these platforms,

because these numbers. Oh, yeah, yeah.

Oh, no, I don’t mind because it’s not that if to me, it’s, it’s once you really comprehend that there’s no damn money. And, you know, just credit and promissory notes going back and forth, you start to look at it different. So, to two accounts, 910 11. So I’ve made about $12,000 in the last couple of weeks, and I say a lot. It’s only about 12 grand. Um, and I say made, I haven’t, I haven’t traded it. So I could lose all that tomorrow and not have anything.

Whereas I’m down like 1500 bucks in a week because I really suck at this. Terrible and you can’t ask people for advice, because you don’t want them to get in trouble for you know, giving financial planning advice.

Yeah, don’t follow me. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Yeah, I

don’t know what I’m doing. I do know what they’re doing and making over you know, 50k a day. That’s insane.

I can’t keep up with those people, though.

I’m not even close to that. I can’t even imagine that. I need to.

I don’t want to I don’t want to be that’s not my I do

know. I don’t want to I want 50k A day from the ethers. It depends

on how long you got to work during the day. Do you have to sit in the computer for 10? Out? You don’t mean the computer drive to sit for

20 hours straight and take a PP break for 50k in a day? Yeah,

I mean, if you had to do it once but continuous? I don’t know. I’m really

one of our one of the one of the homes we want to get and then the land we want to buy

the communities. That’s true. Yeah, it’s true. I get a lot of friends that trade honestly, I follow. Shaka Shakur on Facebook and Twitter. He’s the one that led me to Doge because I made a few grand off Doge last year. He led me to Doge he led me to Shiva. And then I’m also in a bunch of different crypto groups and you pay attention to the people that are making the money if they’re showing their stuff and they’re making good money. If they say to buy something, my this is how I do it. Jennifer, you’re gonna laugh at me if they say to buy something, I stopped for a second. I’m like, Okay, do I do it? Or don’t I do it? And then I literally go by my gut. My gut says yes, I’m like, Okay, how much over 500 or under? That’s how I do.

Yeah, I gotta tap back into my gut instinct. I’ve I’ve lost it on the road of our being and my nightmare on wheels. I can’t wait to get back to some sanity calm. Yeah, yeah. Need some space.

Meditation is a thing and when you’re quiet when you practice being quiet, you then live your life listening. And there’s so much going on. You can play Yes,

yeah, I know. It really is a thing. It really is. I really, I wish you know there’s so much that you and I talk about off air when we’re when we’re working together which we do almost every day during the week you know there’s so much there’s the meditation the spiritual side of all this the financial side, the emotional side the the physical of you know, don’t don’t take get the cupcake in your arm and all this stuff. I wish we had more time to talk about all this but know the Yeah, I don’t know. Jury’s out for me on. On crypto and like one of our audience is asking what happens when the sun takes out the power? Exactly.

That’s it. That’s it. That’s the thing. I don’t that’s why

I have gold I have silver I have Yeah, I stockpiling other stuff that’s not online. All

right, right. I’m doing this based on I’ve already got a couple months worth of food set aside, I’ve already got all my bills are paid, if that’s what you want to call it these days, all my stuff is taken care of. So like, literally if I lost all this tomorrow, right? Oh, well, I’m still gonna eat. I’m still gonna do it. I do. I mean, am I gonna be pissed? Yeah, I was pissed when Robin Hood froze their account, and I couldn’t sell my Doge they kept me from making money. And I realized right then in there, they get a lot more control than I thought they did. So it was yeah, that was that was an eye opener for me. So I don’t personally think it should be anything super long term. Do I think it’s gonna continue to go up and people are gonna make money? All of that? Yeah.

It goes up like November, December, January, for some reason Christmas. I feel like the whales that own the big. The big batches of coins and the stockpiles, they start playing around Christmas, at least that’s what I felt like the past couple of years.

Yeah, so I don’t, I was showing Andy how to sell his. He has his own accounts. And he’s holding ship. And he’s like, I need to know how to sell. So if I’m ready to sell, I can get out because it’s not super simple. You got to move it to one coin. It’s it’s

back into this and back into that. Yeah, yeah. They might say we’re holding it for 24 to 48 hours. know, there’s always

yes. So he was asking me that last night? And he’s like, don’t you want to know how and I said, I’m not selling I don’t have even selling or touching anything, and are looking at it to sell until middle of December.

And maybe it’s every six months? Because we had a big boost in May of this year. Oh, no knows. Who knows. I mean, who knows? You know, the people that own the most when they dump a bunch of buy a bunch, it swings the market.

So when you showed me on binance, the other day when we were working, and you were showing me where the whales were coming in and going out? Yeah, I watched I was telling you, I’m on another platform where I put in a few $1,000. And they trade massive accounts, and then you get paid every Friday. Mm hmm. I went back and watch they have free knowledge sharing with this account. So I went back and watch some of those videos. And just based off of what you showed me on binance. Jennifer, I’ll have to show you tomorrow when we get on zoom in the morning. But it helps me to kind of like another piece to the puzzle of understanding a little bit more about trading because there is some money to be made. I mean, let’s let’s face it an extra $500 a month for a household in the United States of America is tremendous. Right?

And we were doing agency work. We got paid in crypto a couple times. Yeah. Yeah. Just interesting. Because if you get a $5,000 payment from a client, or or the equivalent of $5,000 in Bitcoin, and then it goes up to 8000. Well, you know, it’s

got an extra payday. I thought about that the other day, because in my head I’m like, Okay, I’m moving from public to private in regards to like social security numbers and getting different accounts and like, just slowly moving through this process, right? It’s a very life changing thing. But something I thought about was, how I’m using, you know, donations and wages. Now, you could accept everything in crypto. And then where do the taxes come in? And they don’t

well, it’s still no they monitored rest assured Coinbase and that rest assured the watching I shouldn’t say the powers that be we are the powers that be we just forgot. Yeah, the the the agents that are doing nefarious things, and they’re they’re watching and they know anything online is watched Period, end of story. And you have to be careful of how you claim if you claim at all, you know, we don’t because wages are not taxable and income is so one of our audiences saying that Bitcoin is expected to go to 100k by the end of this year or January 2022.

Good Good to hear I heard that. Yeah. 130 even by the end of the year.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, there’s so you know, just for our audience. Some of the again if you go to Jennifer H And click on my resources you’ll see a free crypto knowledge share and you can really good free knowledge. Yeah, just log in there. It’s got videos it’s got links to the exchanges but some of the most common exchanges at least here in the in the US and we’ll we’ll give them another nugget on coin market cap but some of the most common are coin based calm, very, very easy to to navigate, you connect your bank account to it. You can start buying Bitcoin or other coins and they don’t have all the coins in the world on there, they stick to the ones that are, I guess, say fish or that they think will, will come from good backgrounds and good people and not you know, just scam people and disappear so that it protects point basis reputation. And is global for the US. But if you go to coin market cap calm, you can type right into the search box, any coin or token or exchange that you’re interested in. And once it comes up in the results, you click on it. And then right down below whatever you’re searching for, if you click on market, it’ll show you all the exchanges that that particular thing is being purchased on. So you know, oh, well if I want she but you know, okay, I see that it’s on Coinbase I see that it’s on I see that it’s on this and that that’ll help you steer you in the direction of which which exchange to sign up for because you have to be on an exchange in order to purchase unless you go to a Bitcoin ATM. And that’s, that’s a whole other ballgame. Like crazy. You can even go to ATM and just put Bitcoin on your, your digital wallet.

Well in my friend the other day, she she’s not in any crypto at all. And I’ve I discuss it with friends and family. I my brother I told him about she when he made $100 in a couple days, he was pretty happy. Right? And, you know, I’m like, It’s not advice, you might lose your money. My mom was asking about it. And she’s like, so can I have you trade this for me? And I was like, oh, no, no, no, no. No, because there’s there’s a possibility that I might forget to look at it for a day and I should have sold and like if it’s somebody else’s I know. But I’m going back to say that even Cash App, you can purchase Bitcoin?

Yes. So for those of you that want something even easier, you can download the cash app to your cell phone, you can buy stocks and Bitcoin there. And yeah, someone’s asking if these digital coins can be redeemed for lawful money now lawful money is just gold and silver. So know if you want to, you know if someone sends you some bitcoin, and it’s you know, $1,000 worth of bitcoin, because you can buy any amount of bitcoin that you want, you don’t have to buy the whole coin at 60 grand, and you want to cash it out for Federal Reserve notes, the green paper stuff that sits in your wallet, yes, you can absolutely do that. You just you sell your Bitcoin back to the exchange, they give you the whatever the value is, at that moment, and you can transfer it right back into your bank account, as you know what you call cash, but not what Jill and I call cash. Yes, money is, is

so weird. Another whole topic we should talk

about, we should do another one on just you know, what is money? Money, editorial calendar, the next month. And the platform that you mentioned, you purchase the stocks on what was that? Again? Not the coin app, not the Cash App. The the other one? The the one that’s making you money weekly.

Oh, the company, the company that I put some money into? I’m like, What is she talking about? Nova tech is the company and I have a link for that. So if anybody wants to take a look at it. Yeah, that’s a link in there. Yeah, um, it was recommended by a friend. And basically, it’s a group of traders that everybody puts in a certain amount of money, you get paid a certain amount every Friday on your returns. I’ve been able to put money in take money out customer service has been fabulous. Is anything guaranteed? No, never. And I’m doing roughly 12% return every 30 days.

Nice. Yep, no attack. And oh, va te ch right? Yes. All right.

And I’m fine. I’m happy.

I’m happy. All right. So another question is crypto and Bitcoin different. So let’s let’s lay out the basics. Nearly the original the technology that these coins have to sit on top of. Right? So for example, when you build a website and WordPress, it has to sit on top of the internet in order to display and work well. Crypto coins have to sit on top of what’s called the blockchain. So the blockchain technology is one technology that does more than just coins. It does smart contracts and all kinds of checks and balances, but the coins are different technology that that run on the blockchain. So Bitcoin just happened to be the first one and the first thing even if bitcoin is It doesn’t ever become a currency, right? Oh, you know, because it’s an asset currently, even if it doesn’t become a currency or become mainstream, my opinion, it’s just my opinion is that it will always be a collector’s item, there will always be value in the Collector’s sense of it because it was the first I agree to say the first transaction happened in in Jacksonville, Florida for a pizza. I’ve got a funny story. We’ve got some time here. When, when my friend up in Massachusetts, my home state was working with me online, similar to what you and I do. She said, Oh, I have a funny story. She said, I was at my co working space. And we were having one of those happy hours that the co working space does like every month or every quarter or something. And she’s like the guy behind me. We got to talking about Bitcoin. And she said to him, so you know, did you get any bitcoin? He’s like, Yeah, yeah, I have some bitcoin. And she’s like, Oh, great. Did you get in early? He’s like, Yeah, I got in and, you know, whatever the year was 2007, or whatever, you know, when it came out? 2000 I don’t remember. So she was thinking, Oh, wow, he must have done well, because he really got in early when it was, you know, pennies, few dollars, whatever the heck, it was a few Satoshis. Well, she goes home, and she starts researching Bitcoin billionaires. And she sees his picture. And she realizes he’s the number two guy ever in Bitcoin, the Satoshi Nakamoto handed this guy Gavin the keys to the Bitcoin project back in the day. And she was talking to him at the happy hour, like did you so did you get in and he was he’s the guy. So anyway, I was there when I was helping someone else out and I went over to a co working space and took him out to lunch and showed him a few questions. So it was cool. It’s pretty cool. So someone’s asking what is a smart contract? It’s it’s, you know, the blockchain is supposed to make sure that nothing can be fraudulent. You know, your asset is your asset. If you buy a house, there would be a smart contract, it would belong to you. There could be no mistakes, there could be no fraud, there could be no theft. That is the that is the purpose of the blockchain, that it has to balance across so many different computers around the world that it can’t be hacked, it can’t be made wrong and it can be traceable. So that your what’s yours is yours. And it can be for so many different things. It could be I mean, the word smart is not a good thing and word smart means to harm yourself. So smart phones smart house smart contract, Smart City, that’s all bad. So who knows? Again, that might be a clue that smart contract or or people just that created that term? Just don’t know that smart means to harm oneself in the lawful world. Scarcity creates value Bitcoin, there will only be 21 million. That’s right. Did you see last week that George Soros owns Bitcoin? Yeah. You know, I hear all this noise. People send me stuff like please don’t send me stuff. Because think about this. Here’s a little mindset for us today, Joe. What we focus on becomes our reality. And that’s in fact, and it’s happened a million times in my life. And even when I’m thinking something laying in bed, I pick up my phone the next day, and there it is on my goal, that’s spooky.

So if we constantly focus on bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad cabal takeover, you know, martial law masks, COVID, bop, bop, communism, if we constantly focus on that child trafficking, remember, we are actually going to create a world with all that crap. So I like to ignore all that noise. People like, Well, how do you do this? How do you? How is that possible? You know, your your voice of all this stuff? Because I choose to focus on a beautiful future where maybe everyone’s vegan and no more animals are hurt. We’re all healthy. And there’s, you know, we’re happy. We have wealth, health and happiness, and we’re getting along in our communities. And that’s what I choose to focus on. So yeah, I don’t know if any of that other stuff is true, because I just I blocked out the noise. How about you, Jill?

Same, I mean, it. You can’t go down the rabbit holes, any of them without questioning and thinking about things. And if you’re constantly I’ve learned to turn my questioning and wondering into, like, literally critical thinking instead of worrying. It shifts the whole feeling of everything. So it’s like, Oh, I wonder what’s going to happen or what this is going to be well, do I feel like I’m really good at that. Yeah, I do, I’ll just shift everything. And I’m like, well, whatever. And at first, are you worried? Yeah. And then also, like, there’s days where I’m like, I’m i My energy is depleted, I’m done. I cannot kill life. Ed, I can’t look at social media, I can’t look at anything like I’m putting on Christmas movies, and food. And I’m just disappearing from from this because the more you realize really what’s going on, like all you can do, like your part is sharing information, like real information that’s changed. That’s your part. That’s, that’s my part. There’s like, it’s your stuff you’re supposed to do in your life, and you still get to decide if you want to go through this life. happy, excited, joyful, grateful, or miserable, bitchy, grouchy, complaining and worried all the time. So I the first one, and it is it that every day no my life, I still have the same things in my life that everybody else does same shift.

Or if let’s say, let’s say George Soros owns owns Bitcoin, and someone’s chiming in here, they own he owns target also, well, if that’s the case, well, then I screwed it to them this weekend, because we walked out accidentally with two things that we didn’t pay for. Just, I mean, we put them on the counter. Um, we put the sunglasses on the counter, the lady didn’t bring it up, I wasn’t paying attention. I had a sweater that I wanted to ask her the price on hanging over my shoulder, I completely spaced on it. My intent was to pay for everything, walked out to the car. And I’m like, you know, that receipt was pretty cheap. And then we looked at each other like, Oh, my God. If Soros does on target, thanks for the gifts.

And if he owns Bitcoins, so I’m infiltrating,

then well, then this is the way I look at it to way before this happened. I’m making because back in the my marketing days, Johnson and Johnson wanted to hire my agency. And I’m like, Yeah, back in the day, $60 an hour for a 40 hour contract. Yeah, that was decent money. You know, 15 years ago when I was in New Jersey, but I didn’t want to work for the devil. But then I thought, wait a minute, what if I’m taking money from the devil, and then doing something good with it? There’s some of us that have to infiltrate to. So no, that’s

a look at, we want to build communities, we want to continue to move people towards a more self governing ideology and go back to your roots and learn this type of stuff. And you know, what, we perceive paper, you know, Federal Reserve notes, we perceive them as values. That’s what they are right now. And if I can exchange some things and make a little bit of money to put into a account,

our off grid commune?

Yeah, yes.

In the mountains, and

that’s what I feel like, I’m sticking it to the man Screw you, George sorrows? Only a few $1,000. I don’t care.

Right. I agree. I agree. That’s awesome.

And that’s my thoughts. I mean, those are my thoughts and opinions. I’m sure other people look at it differently. And the reality of it is, that’s okay. You don’t get to decide what other people think See, perceive any of that. It’s not, it’s not up to you. That’s all right. That’s the great thing about all of us is we’re supposed to have our own opinions and thoughts and not get mad at each other for it.

Yeah. So on that note, um, we’re all will continue figuring out this this holding and day trading and all these coins. You know, they just pick it up and down. And then there’s tokens that come out and some people are like, Yeah, I want it to go from a billionth of a penny to 10 cents you don’t want to be a billionaire and it gets addicting just be really careful. The last thing that we can say here before we wrap up for today, and we’ll see you next week is that you have to be extremely secure if you jump into crypto put on the two factor authentication on your phone so that you’d have to add a code to log in online, have a paper paper you know have a little notebook on your on your desk where you write down your passwords don’t store them in your computer because people are getting hacked all the time. And you know even if you buy like I bought a trays or hard wallet, it’s like a little keychain looking thing but you know, like a key fob. And my friend John, who I do the law knowledge with, he said was the tab on it when you open it? I said actually, no, the little Tabby thing wasn’t on he goes return it, destroy it. Go right to the Tresor company buy one directly from them. He said even though you bought it on Amazon, it’s already compromised. So Yeah, you have to be extremely careful with your passwords and not you know you can’t have enough redundant safety measures put in place for crypto. So again, if anyone that wants to you know, just jump into it, go to Jennifer H Click on my resources, and there’s a free cryptocurrency for beginners link there that you can just jump in and watch some videos and click some things and set some up. That said thank you, Jill. As always, we will see everyone next week and keep on keeping on

talk to you guys later. Bye. Bye


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