EMF Radiation Symptoms, 5G, All Viruses Have Patents, Graphene Oxide Solutions – Dr. Robert Young


So many people ask: is emf radiation harmful?

So today we are talking about emf radiation symptoms and our expert guest is Dr. Robert Young, research scientist, naturopathic practitioner, and author of over 70 books which have been translated into 29 languages, including the sale of over 10 million copies of the pH miracle series. He is the scientist that released the non disclosed ingredients in the vaccines. And he has published over 3000 scientific articles, which are peer reviewed and published in a scientific journal, you can jump on his email list, and he can share all of that with you and more at www.drrobertyoung.com. He’s got YouTube videos, social media, all the things. Welcome to the show today, Dr. Robert.

EMF Radiation Symptoms, 5G, All Viruses Have Patents, Graphene Oxide Solutions – Dr. Robert Young



Dr. Robert Young
Thank you, so happy to be here. 

Jennifer Goodwin
So you’re the guy who connected the dots when it came to what the vaccine actually was and this is going to be a great episode today. Go ahead and start telling our audience your explanation of: emf radiation meaning.

Dr. Robert Young
Well, in 1998, I was asked to do some research on emf radiation health effects from electromagnetic frequencies on the human biofield and that work was done with Professor Beverly Rubik at the University of California, Berkeley and we did a double blinded study we had two groups, one group was wearing a quantum link, which is a passive, sympathetic resonance technology and that protects against radiation and they asked us to see if it actually worked. 

So half of the group was wearing this device, and this pendant, and that you wear around your neck and the pendant actually falls right at the heart.

Jennifer Goodwin
That’s funny. I have one on right now.

Dr. Robert Young
It has crystalline material in the center, it’s surrounded by 75 feet of copper wire and what it does is it builds a shield around you, a three dimensional shield, it acts like a tuning fork, it actually connects with your own body frequency and that’s why it’s called sympathetic resonance technology. It doesn’t necessarily emit any field of energy, but it actually picks up that field and then connects with that field and reinforces the field that it’s connected to and this is what is called sympathetic resonance technology.

We took one group, group A, which actually wore the technology, the second group, which did not wear the technology, but had a placebo pendant and they spent over a period of days, eight hours in the BBC edit bay, where they’re being exposed to electromagnetic frequencies that were normal, from phones to editing equipment, production equipment, etc.

In addition, they’re exposed to fields of energy that were in excess of what the Environmental Protection Agency would qualify as potentially cancer causing.

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Jennifer Goodwin
What year was this?

Dr. Robert Young
This was 1998.

Jennifer Goodwin
I’m picturing when cell phones were invented and how much emf radiation exposure we were getting in that timeframe, go ahead.

Dr. Robert Young
Well, we had computers, we still have VCRs, and eventually got into the DVD stuff and cell phones were getting more and more popular in the 90s. But, that was a problem. As far as exposure to electromagnetic frequencies, one of our major concerns was radio waves and, of course, those radio waves put out a certain pulsating frequency that we were testing its effects on the human biofield. So in doing that, I was drawing blood before, I was drawing blood after, to see the effects on clotting factors, proteins, cellular membrane effects, as it relates to deterioration or the production of cell fragments off those called: vesicles, now referred to as spike protein, the corona effect. 

That’s the crowning of the red blood cell when it’s been exposed to emf radiation symptoms. And we published this paper, because we found a significant effect of electromagnetic frequencies running in the 400 megahertz up to 900 megahertz to be quite disturbing, causing cytotoxic effects causing genotoxic effects. We published the paper and it was published in an international journal of complementary and alternative medicine about this particular subject. The crowning effect of the spike protein, or the vascular effects were cell membrane deterioration, the cytotoxic effects of EMF were quite apparent to those that were being exposed to this radiation. 

But it was really interesting because those who were wearing this protective, synthetic resonant technology, which actually links to your own body frequency, and doesn’t allow other frequencies coming in towards you around you to actually disturb that, or change that frequency or disrupt the healthy frequency of the body. This was definitely a benefit, which I was blinded to, because I didn’t know who was wearing and who wasn’t wearing. I later found that out. Moreover the research proved that sympathetic resonance technology was real, it was effective, it did protect the cell membranes and the genetic material, that those who are wearing that technology were benefited by it. 

And of course, as far as you know, full disclosure, I have no connection or ownership or, or financial benefits from that other than they paid for the cost of the research. And that was that, but it was good to get it published. Because we were way, way ahead of the understandings of the effects of radio waves that eventually with the introduction of 3g and 4g, and now 5g, getting into not megahertz, but gigahertz, or what is known as microwaves, millimeter microwaves, pulsating frequencies, which is 4g at 2.4 gigahertz. 

This is not maybe a definite biological effect, a degenerative effect on body cells that leads to blood clots, cellular breakdown, anemic conditions, or cancer. This is not really popular with the advent of all this technology coming forward, but the technology is not sustainable for the human body. Furthermore, when they released 5G in Wuhan, in November 2019, that time going into 2020 when they actually turned on 5G, because the first test city was in Wuhan.

The release of 5G after inoculations and not knowing what was in the actual inoculations of the vials, I had the opportunity with my team to evaluate 1000s of vials from all the different manufacturers to determine the actual contents. I began this research in February 2021, thinking that this was the culprit, but as we evaluated and as we looked at the actual symptomologies of COVID, what was being labeled a viral type, infectious organism, that it was affecting people and potential pandemic possibilities were being spread, that this was not the case at all.

What was being spread was a false flag that was actually underneath all of this was the institution of which if you go back to the virus patents, even back to the 90s, you’ll see this whole technology coming out to eventually contact trace, not only for testing purposes, but human tracking through Wi-Fi, and also remote testing, and to be able to contact trace and eventually control the entire human race.

What happened in Wuhan? 5G operates at about 8.4 gigahertz, your microwave operates at 2.4 gigahertz. What happens when you turn on your microwave? The radiation, which is actually not necessarily just inside the box, you can measure it with a meter that can measure the electric field and the magnetic fields and the exposure that you have. Anything above 3 milligauss (and that’s measuring the magnetic field cytotoxic, genotoxic and, and carcinogenic) it’s breaking down the cell membrane, it’s producing the very effects that are being described today, the symptoms.

However, this whole thing, people just suddenly dying, or immediate blood coagulation, which is one of the areas that I’m an expert in, doing my dissertation on pathological blood coagulation and studying the effects of why does blood clot inside the blood vessels, I was really quite interested in what was going on here because people weren’t creating mucus, they were coughing, their temperatures were going up.

Jennifer Goodwin
This is going to be more proof of your statement: I was traveling around the country because I wanted to bug out. I didn’t want to be in Florida and feel like a sitting duck during all this nonsense. So I sold my house, got an RV and traveled to the middle of the country. While I was sitting in the middle of Nebraska, I rented a place for the winter for the four months that my RV wouldn’t make it. I’m sitting in nowhere-land in a town of 3000 people and I hadn’t been sick in about 10 years, and all of a sudden, I get a fever that goes up to 102, 103, where I’m hot, I’m not sick. 

None of the typical symptoms that you’re used to when you have the flu, cold or sinus infection. Just all of a sudden I get a fever that lasts about two hours. I’m in bed because of the aches and pains of this “fever”. Then it goes away. No other symptoms. Then about eight days later it happened again, I felt like I was being pulsed. On top of that, a tooth just cracked and just randomly fell out of my mouth. I’ve been doing research with people or surveys with people since then, asking “whose teeth are falling out?!? Whose teeth feel sensitive?” I feel like I’m being radiated.

Dr. Robert Young
Well, that’s what’s happening, people are being microwaved. 4g works at 2.4.
5g operates at a minimum of 8.4, it goes up to 60 gigahertz. There’s a quantum link between you and your body at 21 gigahertz and you’re dead, at about 41, or 43 you’re suffocating because those particular frequencies immediately cause cellular breakdown and damage to the cells which of course leads to clotting factors that are initiated, particularly fibrin and fiber monomers, which crosslink.

Once you start clotting in your blood, the blood can’t get into the pulmonary system to get rid of its waste and get oxygen and you end up suffocating and you suffocate from pulmonary embolism where you form clots from exposure to EMF radiation symptoms. Now it was being blamed was a virus (but there is no virus in nature), viruses don’t exist in nature.

If you do your own research you will find that all viruses are patented, you can’t patent anything in nature. However, all viruses, even if it’s HIV or Ebola or Polio, these are all patented viruses that don’t exist in nature. They’re man-made, but again, we’re talking about something that’s very, very small.

The emphasis of course is that it’s the greatest deception to use this concept of virology, which I classify as scientism. You have to have faith to believe it because there is no scientific evidence to prove it.

The bottom line is what people are suffering from our exposure to chemical radiation poisoning. This is what we are talking about in the 90s. We spent another decade talking about it and of course then, the introduction of a pseudo virus called the novel coronavirus and of course 2002 but later became COVID-19 through some manipulations, this was just a smokescreen to begin the process of setting up a system, an orchestrated system of 5G networks. Both on land and in space, to connect everything that lives both human and animal to the internet of things, right?

So the material that’s been around for many decades called graphene, they’re using as a base. The reason for that is because it’s hundreds of times stronger than steel, it’s one atom and thick. It acts as an antenna to receive and transmit information.

As far as its size and its flexibility and its ability to platform all these technologies, it’s wonderful. So when I was doing the research on this using a methodology of transmission and scanning electron microscopy with spectroscopy directed energy spectroscopy to determine the actual signatures of the contents, what our team discovered (which we later published in a peer-reviewed journal, the only peer-reviewed journal that actually publishes the actual contents) was that over 90% of the contents of these inoculations that were given were carried in a capsid, a lipid nano-capsule, called hydrosol. The content that was carried was graphene, graphene oxide.

And this was the material that was going into the body and why? Because this is the material, the platform’s other ingredients, like ferric oxide, or aluminum or whatever they want to carry into. And the driver of this was the memory, RNA material, in the software, so the driver was the mRNA.

The truck was the lipid, nano capsid, and that’s hydrosol.
And what was in the package package was material that would act as a receiver and a transmitter of electromagnetic frequencies to connect you up to the Internet of Things, and that’s why Hasim, stated at the World Economic or the World Economic forum.
He stated that humans are trackable and they can be hacked, they’re hackable.

Jennifer Goodwin
Well listen to this and this might not sound wild to you but this might sound wild to my audience but this is my experience over the past roughly six months.

Let’s back up. I’ve been in marketing for 25 years, I’m very familiar with marketing technology, very familiar with the software that’s out there to geo target us and put ads in front of us based on our behavior, based on our habits, based on our clicks, based on other sites that we visit, based on our demographics where we live, our age, our color, all of it right.

I’m extremely familiar with that technology. So that said, it’s no surprise to anyone in the marketing world when an ad shows up for something you were searching for on one site and shows up on another site. Okay, that’s, that’s not a big leap. I get it.

This is where I got freaked out. I wasn’t saying anything near my cell phone. I wasn’t saying anything near my Alexa robot who might be listening.

So I wasn’t near anything that was listening. I didn’t say anything out loud. Nothing left my lips. I was having thoughts of something. And the ads were showing up. Now the first time this happened, I thought, Am I hallucinating? It’s not really happening. Okay, I’m just gonna brush that off. And the second time it happened, I thought, did this just happen to me? I didn’t tell anybody about this. And it kept happening over and over and over where my thought was now showing up as a Facebook ad or some advertising ad, some website, some brand.

And I thought, okay, they’ve tapped into my brain already. Don’t understand it, but it’s happening. Have you heard of that? Do you believe me?

Dr. Robert Young
Well, once you’ve been shipped, you’ve been hacked with crafting oxide.

Jennifer Goodwin
I haven’t voluntarily but graphene could be in me.

Dr. Robert Young
Well, going back to your fever. The body induces a fever. In order to remove toxins it’s not it’s a symptom of the body trying to purify itself. Okay, the fact that it taught it stopped, the fever went down, was you were being radiated. Yep. Once you are graphenated by this inoculation, you are connected to the Internet of Things and assigned an IP address.

Jennifer Goodwin
But I wasn’t inoculated.

Dr. Robert Young
There’s many ways to be inoculated. Okay, you can be inoculated with a tampon, you can be inoculated with a rubber. Everybody’s washing their hands and cleaning their hands. That’s all graphenated stuff. You can be inoculated with the PCR test with a swab.

Jennifer Goodwin
I didn’t touch any of that stuff.

Is electromagnetic hypersensitivity real or fake?

Dr. Robert Young
You can be inoculated by aerosol, by chemtrails. There’s many ways, hugging someone you can feel the frequencies of that because once you’ve been inoculated and gravitated. And once you’ve been hacked, you become an antenna, a transmitter receiver and a transmitter for electromagnetic frequencies. You are now connected to WiFi and may experience wifi sickness symptoms.

Jennifer Goodwin
Oh, Jesus, I need a Faraday bed.

Dr. Robert Young
So what happens is this, the genetic material, the nucleic acids come from specific cell lines, in other words, this truck is being driven by mRNA. Carrying the package, which is the graphene.

There’s other ingredients as well, there’s parasites in there as well, parasite eggs, that’s why Pfizer had to keep the temperatures down to negative 70 degrees so they wouldn’t hatch. Once it reaches body temperature, these eggs start happening, you know, this Trypanosoma cruzi, that’s a contributor to two people having challenges.

emf effects on the brain

But the three areas that are targeted are reproductive organs, heart, and brain. And so when it comes back to your thoughts, you have to be graphenated in order for them to connect you.

Then when I say them, I’m saying those who are controlling the Internet of Things to be able to give you thoughts and for you for your thoughts to be received. So your thoughts can go back and forth. It’s called the BRAIN Initiative.

President Biden just signed an initiative to fund several more billions of dollars for this brain initiative. They say it is cancer funding. It’s not cancer finding. Funding, it’s definitely for the BRAIN Initiative, to connect brains to the Internet of Things.

This is the introduction of artificial intelligence into the human making you a transhuman, right. So this is where transhumanism comes in. Everyone has been exposed to graphene, no exceptions on whether you’re vaccinated or unvaccinated.

Everyone has been polluted with this material, somehow, some way it’s, it’s in our water. It’s in our food. I mean, the only person you can trust is your farmer. And you got to check the farmer out to make sure they’re not using insecticides and pesticides and graphenating the food.

But still, those crops can be exposed to chemtrails, right? So the problem is worldwide. And this is why we’re seeing so many sudden deaths, because the heart can only take so much and this connection to the internet of things. And this exposure to this frequency leads to pathological blood coagulation, which leads to injuries and death. It’s unavoidable. That’s why the Deagle report suggested that here in the United States, the population at that time when I was taken is 2/17. This pandemic has been planned for decades. The bottom line is they predicted the population for 2025 to be less than 100 million people.

Jennifer Goodwin
Yes, the great culling.

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Dr. Robert Young
So this is what’s happening. People need to wake up to it. You cannot laugh this off anymore. You cannot say this is a conspiracy theory. No, it is a conspiracy fact.

Jennifer Goodwin
Correct. There’s too much out there now.

wifi sickness symptoms:

Dr. Robert Young
So the bottom line is, all of these symptoms that people have that they associate with viruses are caused by chemical and radiation poisoning, and the Latin word for virus is poison. When we talk about corona, that’s radiation. What we’re dealing with here is radiation poisoning, emf poisoning. I’ve been talking about this for over 20 years. I’ve been warning people. We knew this was going to happen, we know it’s going to continue. 

The culling is going to continue. Over a billion people have already been injured and are now dead. This is going to pick up, they’re expecting it to pick up. They’re expecting huge populations that have been inoculated, especially the boosters to die. You may be thinking, how come it hasn’t killed more? The first inoculation was only 5% of the inoculations. So out of every 100, there were five that actually contained the hydrosol with the graphene, 95% of them were basically nothing more than saltwater: 0.9% saline. 

That’s all it was. The second inoculation had a 25% increase. So it went from one out of four boosters, to one out of two, and now it’s one out of one. So the cat is out of the bag and people are starting to wake up because they’re seeing family members or friends who are having health challenges because of this inoculation or because they’ve been exposed to this emf radiation allergy symptoms or they’re becoming more and more sensitive to radiation poisoning. It’s heartbreaking. 

So people need to wake up to the fact that they may have to shut down their WiFi at night, they may need to get a Faraday cage for cell phones and turn off their cell phones and put them away at night so that they can actually rest because it is disturbing their rest. You need live and dry blood tests to actually see if you’ve been graphenated. 

You need to have someone take a look at the live blood. You can’t do that quantitatively, well, you can but because it’s nanotechnology, they’re not going to pick it up. Unless you’re going to the molecular atomic level. This doesn’t happen in conventional blood tests and they certainly don’t test the largest organ of the body or body of water of our bodies which is called the interstitial fluid or the largest organ of the body called the interstitium.

You’ve never heard those words; you thought the skin was the largest organ, it’s not. It’s this body of water where the genesis of all health and sickness begins. That’s where the testing has to take place. The bottom line is that there’s so much ignorance and that ignorance has become the number one killer in the world. 

The virus doesn’t exist, but what does exist is called the media. That is what the cure is; to wake up to common sense. You have to start hyper-infusing alkalinity in your body fluids; you have to start detoxing. You have to use non-toxic means that are natural, that are God-given, that are from nature, not some concoction that’s been made by man. Here’s some simple things that people can do to protect themselves.

The Solutions Dr. Robert Mentions To reduce emf radiation health effects:
PH Testing Strips: https://amzn.to/40KXEIZ
Colloidal Gold: https://amzn.to/3XpbqOx
BOOK – The pH Miracle: https://amzn.to/3E03XPb
Baking soda: https://amzn.to/3RNSgki
Cell Salts: https://amzn.to/3XkZjlx

Jennifer Goodwin
This is fascinating, amazing, helpful, brilliant information. Let’s talk about what people can do, because I stayed away as much as I could, but I’m back in a very populated area, and I want to do things that I’m doing in my home to get rid of wireless, and I’m literally making a Faraday bed. So I am actively purchasing a canopy bed where I can put EMF blocking fabrics and materials around the bed. 

So at least the seven hours that I’m sleeping, I can repair as much as I can. But I’m very much into not touching anything synthetic, if I can help it, as far as food goes, I always strive to surround myself with what Mother Nature made and God made and clean farmers made but tell us what we can do.
Let’s say I’m just loaded with graphene.
Should I go get some blood work done?

What can I do at home to reduce emf neurological symptoms? (H2 or H3)

Dr. Robert Young
Well, first of all, you mentioned you’re using material, you know, maybe it’s made of gold, maybe it’s made of silver, and Colloidal Gold is probably the number one gravitational material that you can use, if you want to take it out, that actually dissolves the graphene. It disappears under the microscope by just adding colloids of gold. 

Gold is a natural inflammatory; the particle size is small enough for it to flow through any kind of blood barrier like the blood-brain barrier so it can go into the brain. Silver colloids are good, but not as good as gold. The other thing about the bed, the magnetic field can go through anything but steel or metal lining, you have to not just put the cage over the top of the bed. It has to be on the floor, you have to wrap it, it has to be a cocoon, right?

Jennifer Goodwin
Yes, I read that.

Dr. Robert Young
Yes, so to protect yourself, when you talk about human contact, what we’re dealing with is the transmission of electromagnetic frequencies from cell towers or death towers to people who are now connected, who are transmitting and affecting other people. So you have to socially distance yourself from other vaccinated people. If these people are with you in crowds, you’re going to feel it, see, and you’ll ask, why do I feel different? 

Why am I feeling, loss of energy or fatigue or headaches? Or, you know, why do I feel congested? Why do I feel like I’m coming down with something because you’ve put yourself in an environment of radiation that affects the flow of body fluids and causes blood clots. So that can cause symptoms like hypoxia, and you don’t feel good, you may feel lightheaded or dizzy, you need to get out of those environments.

From Healthline.com: 10 harmful effects of electromagnetic waves

  • sleep disturbances, including insomnia
  • headache
  • depression and depressive symptoms
  • tiredness and fatigue
  • dysesthesia (a painful, often itchy sensation)
  • lack of concentration
  • changes in memory
  • dizziness
  • irritability
  • loss of appetite and weight loss
  • restlessness and anxiety
  • nausea
  • skin burning and tingling

Jennifer Goodwin
So someone’s radiated to the hilt, they’ve had every booster, they walk through the front door of your house and come into your kitchen, you can instantly feel it because there’s a certain radius around them that has that transmission.

Dr. Robert Young
Yes, if you have your wifi on.

Ever wonder about emf radiation meters? (H2 or H3)

As far as these cell towers go, they have a 25-mile radius. So you don’t necessarily have to be next door, and each tower has three megawatts of power. So we’re talking about a huge amount of power that can be accessed by exposing people within that radius. There’s approximately 1000 death towers or cell towers in each city, each major city, so it’s not smart to live in the city. Right? Having a smart meter or a smart phone (emf radiation phone) or a smart refrigerator or even a smart car is really quite stupid.

Jennifer Goodwin
Well, the etymology of “smart” is “to harm”. So smart cities, smart phones, smart meters, smart houses, it’s all to harm you.

Dr. Robert Young
So we weren’t designed to be exposed to that level of radiation and all the symptoms that you get, even the major symptoms that are associated with COVID, which is dry cough, fever, loss of energy. There are more serious things, that’s just the beginning but those who are suddenly dying of myocarditis here is caused by emf radiation poisoning

It’s facilitated by chemical poisoning, and the material that connects everyone to these networks is graphene. If you’re experiencing any symptomology in a house, from a person, in an area or a crowd, you’re actually experiencing the radiation that’s being transmitted from all these human cell towers that are now being attracted. We’re talking about over 13 to 14 billion inoculations to approximately 5 to 6 billion people.

Jennifer Goodwin
A lot of people fell for it.

Dr. Robert Young
Yes, pretty much, there’s probably only about 15 to 20% that have not been inoculated, but they’re inoculated. Again, they’re inoculated in different ways. If you go in and do a PCR test, they use a swab to take DNA for testing, which in itself can contain the graphene. In other ways, the distribution of graphene is through water. Everybody drinks water.

Jennifer Goodwin
I haven’t touched American tap water even on my shower faucet. I have a filter, I obviously touch it in some way or another. I touch it when I do the dishes, but I don’t touch it for drinking or cooking or boiling eggs or any of that stuff. I import my water from underground as much as possible. I’ve done my part, but I feel like I really want to, this is the honest truth, go live in a cave in the mountains and stop being radiated, that’s how I feel.

Dr. Robert Young
Well, you have to distance yourself from that, as much as possible. The wastelands are going to be the big cities, this is going to happen in the near future, people are going to move out because they won’t be able to withstand the chemical and radiation poisoning that’s going on. 

Of course, it’s going to be promoted by the media heads that are controlled by bad actors that this is viral in nature. It’s not, folks, this is intentional. The intention is to reduce the surplus population and I quote Henry Kissinger of useless eaters, down to less than 500 million people, and right now I would say over 10% of the human race worldwide has been culled.

It’s going to continue and it’s picking up; the effects of this are gradual, it’s a constant pulsating effect, eventually it will lead to symptomology. Depending on how healthy you are, it’s very important that you listen to me carefully, that you need to maintain the alkaline design of your body fluids. You can do this by testing your urine. The ideal pH of your urine should be about 7.2, no less, but ideally 8.4 to protect yourself greatly.

Jennifer Goodwin
I was reading some of your stuff and I started testing my urine again and adding a pinch of baking soda to my water and I’ve been listening to you.

Dr. Robert Young
Although baking soda is a very simple compound, it’s natural. The stomach makes it every second of every day, every week, every month, every year of your life. It’s a combination of sodium bicarbonate, a combination of salt water and carbon dioxide. The stomach lining’s main purpose is to produce sodium bicarbonate to alkalize the food that you ingest to alkalize the blood and all the body fluids even intracellular fluids. 

That’s why people have an upset stomach, a symptom for lack of salt and water and carbon dioxide so either you’re not exercising, not getting enough salt or getting too much sugar. Sugar is the antithesis of salt. Sugar actually stops the transfer of electrons to the cells. When people are innervated, they don’t get enough contact, the contact of salt which transfers the electrons to the cells for energy, your body doesn’t run on sugar, your blood, your brain doesn’t run on sugar.

All cells are electrical, they all function by ingesting foods that are highly concentrated in electrons. That’s why I recommend drinking alkaline water with a pH of 9.5. To 10.5. Why? Because it’s saturated and electrons, when you eat foods that are saturated and electrons, you eat food for its electrical potential, not for its calories and value, right.

So it’s not about carbohydrates. It’s not about fats, it’s not about protein. It’s about energy, electrical energy. It’s about protecting your electromagnetic field from these corrosive fields that disrupt this normal balance, and these can be measured and there’s equipment.

I’ve been doing this for years, studying the blood, studying the interstitial fluids, testing these, quantifying these numbers, which I’ve published on many of the many this work is available for free on my website because I’m trying to empower people with knowledge to learn how to take care of themselves.

Now an animal in the wild knows if they’ve eaten berries and leaves and after they do that they need to neutralize the toxins. So they’ll go to a clay lake, which is cement type clay, usually it’s bentonite, they’ll eat it to neutralize the acids in the stomach.

We take some kind of pharmaceutical or maybe Alka Seltzer Gold, which is not that bad. I like just pure sodium and potassium bicarbonate instead of putting in other excipients, which are not good, and flavors. The bottom line is, if you want to protect the body fluids, just like the ocean is a body of salt at about 8.4, ideally, at negative 80 millivolts, your body fluids should be particularly not the blood.

Blood is 7.365 but the interstitial fluid, this large body of water that surrounds every cell of the human body, is 8.4 at negative 80 millivolts. Your blood is 7.365 at negative 20 millivolts and cells and blood are pushing all the other ways out into the interstitial fluid into the innerstidium.

When you overexert yourself, you produce an acid called lactic acid. Lactic acid is the number one cause of cancer. Citric acid is the number two cause because these are two metabolites. These are two acids that come from metabolism and when the body can’t get rid of them, they cause what’s called pain, inflammation. So when you over train, you have an abundance of citric acid and lactic acid that is now in the connective tissue. 

The body does the same thing in women that pushes it out into the breast and causes breast cancer, not if it pushes it out into the fatty tissue, away from the organs and sustains life. One of my books is called the pH Miracle for Cancer. The cure for cancer is to reduce the acid load in the body fluids. Cancer is not a disease of the cell, it’s a disease of the body fluids. It’s true for every disease and every illness. 

That’s why I wrote the book, a disease and a cure or a treatment. I wrote the book Sick and Tired, Reclaiming Your Inner Terrain. These books are available in bookstores and also on our own website. The reason I write these books is to help empower people with education. So you become your own doctor, you’re going to have to do this. You have to trust yourself by empowering yourself with truth and knowledge to protect yourself and your loved ones because if you don’t, I can promise you no one else will.

Jennifer Goodwin
Preach. You dropped some truth bombs today. I love everything. I’m in tune with all of it. I haven’t done any of the research that you’ve done and I don’t have any of the credentials that you have but I’ve always told people it’s in the energy, you’ve got to be alkaline. You have to be alkaline. I gave an alkaline presentation years ago when I didn’t even know what I was doing.

So thank you for inspiring me even more to start the gym today. I quit alcohol so I’m making a lot of changes right now to get more alkaline and to get my interstitial fluid moving and cleaning out what it needs to clean out. This is amazing. This is great information. Again, for anybody that’s listening who wants to check out Dr. Robert’s website, just go to www.DrRobertYoung.com.

He’s got all the social media platforms, the YouTube videos, the books, the scientific articles, so go and consume all of his information. It’s just the best. Anything else you want to add today before we go?

Dr. Robert Young
Well, caring is sharing. And if you really, truly care about yourself and your family, you’ll start empowering yourself with knowledge because, as Hosea said, “my people perish because of ignorance.” Life is And Moses said, “Life is in the blood; the blood is not in the blood, but is the blood.” And you need to test your urine daily, keeping that pH, because that is showing you whether you’re managing or maintaining the alkaline design of the body fluids, particularly the interstitial fluids, and 8.4 Urine is a product of the interstitial fluids. It’s not a product of the blood.

When you test your urine, you’re testing that interstitial fluid, that large body of water that surrounds every cell. It’s important to make that simple investment. You buy some Ph Hydrion strips, you test them on a daily basis, and you write those numbers down. Anytime it drops below 7.2, you take one teaspoon of baking soda, sodium bicarbonate (that’s aluminum-free for salts), which contains the basic electrolytes calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium in a form the body can recognize and use in the bicarbonate and carbonated forms.

And this is how you manage and maintain good health. Everything else goes away. Wow, you’ve become your own doctor because you’ve been empowered with the truth. No more this man-made science, no more of this scientism? You know, I’ve abandoned it, and many other doctors are moving away from it; they’re going back to nature, they’re going back to God. They’re going back to faith, which is an acronym that stands for the “first attribute in thinking healthy”, and they’re moving away from fear, which is another acronym that stands for “false evidence appearing real”.

I have faith in nature or faith in God. And that’s what I hope people will start moving towards because you either go to it or you will be eventually forced to it on your knees. But the bottom line is that we need to recognize, you know, that there is truth to be had. And we need to be open to it. And I pray for blessings upon all of you who are hearing this message for empowerment, to be able to have this knowledge for yourself, your family, and those who you love and care about.

Jennifer Goodwin
Amen! And on that note, again, I’ll put all these links in the description so you can go grab them now. Thank you, Dr. Robert, for being here today and sharing your wisdom and your heart to help people really appreciate it, and we’d love to have you back.

Dr. Robert Young
Thanks, Jennifer. All the best to you, and God bless you and your family with safety and protection because that’s what we need, and we need the knowledge. To do that to protect ourselves. So all the best. Thank you, and good health!

If you have experienced any of the emf radiation symptoms or graphene symptoms mentioned above, comment below any of your problems or solutions so we can help others what’s going on.

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