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Fake Boobs & The FBI w/Kasi DeStefano


Today's guest is Kasi DeStefano, who is now one of my favorite seekers of truth and future neighbor, whether she knows it or not.

She has spoken numerous times about what is going on in the world in places like the New Jersey State House, steps with her megaphone, various rallies, et cetera.

She even had the FBI show up at her. She has her own hilarious newspaper column called Candidly Kasi in New Jersey.

She’s a homeschooling mom turned business owner, and her health journey took her from breast implant illness to now being an integrative nutrition health coach, and if you want to follow her or get more information, then go to almsandwellness.com.

Welcome, Kasi. 

Hi, Jennifer. Thank you so much for having me.

Thank you for being here. 

So let’s start just with why you moved to Florida from New Jersey and what that looked like. You had to start over, you had to move your whole family.

How did that go for you?

Um, it was pretty crazy because I’ve always lived in the same small town, you know, ever since I was born and with everything that was going on with C-o-v-i-d and all the restrictions and, you know, our wonderful Governor Murphy, well, thank God he is not my governor anymore. Um, I just got sick of it because everything was shut down.

You couldn’t go to the parks, um, you had to wear masks everywhere. And I just refused from day one to be doing anything like that and I have two girls and at the time, I pulled my oldest out of school. I was like, we’re not doing this virtual learning stuff. And I remember I was in the car with my youngest, because at that point nobody was doing anything.

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My oldest daughter…I said, just find friends that you can hang out with and we’ll just keep it quiet… and she was living  a normal life because some of her friend’s parents felt like I did and they were still doing sleepovers and she had a sense of normalcy. Right. And my youngest was almost three at that point, and none of her friends were hanging out.

So it was just us, which was fine, but once a week I would take her to Chick-fil-A, which I know isn’t the greatest, but . and we would sit in the back of the car and we would have a picnic. And that was my way of trying to do something outside and making it special. And I remember sitting there and I, I brought books and I would bring games, and we had a blanket, and I did this once a week and I looked at her and I’m like, this isn’t enough.

I’m not doing this. And I remember I called my husband and I’m like, we have to move and that’s how it started. 

Wow. I had already moved down to Florida, uh, from New Jersey back in 2012, so I didn’t experience any of the crazy nonsense and ridiculousness that was going on up there, but I heard from a lot of my friends that it was just wacko city up there.

I mean, I can’t even imagine. I would’ve lost my shit. 

Yeah. It definitely felt like I was on my own island alone. And what’s interesting is now a lot of the people that were, you know,  giving me such pushback and talking about me and all these things. Now, you know, flash forward years later, now they’re all, oh, this is stupid.

Yeah, you could have been with the cool people from day one, um, but you were wearing a mask and sanitizing your hands and wiping your carts down and being afraid of the air. So it’s being afraid of the air. 

So what happened when you moved to Florida? So we moved down here in kind of a crazy way.

We had never been to the area that we were in, and originally we thought my husband was going to be traveling back to New Jersey for work. Um, so we went as basically north as possible. We’re like 10 minutes from Georgia and we never had been in the area that we came to. We just pretty much Googled…

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