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[00:00:00] Hey everyone. Jennifer Goodwin here and today, my friend, Jenna, who also knows law and has enjoyed some success very early on with law is with us today. What’s up, Jenna. Hey, what’s up going? Good. Good, good, good. We were talking the other day about how everyone in the world was talking about the Johnny Depp, Amber herd trial.

But you and I were, were just blocking it out and ignoring it because, you know, we consider it to be part of the noise category mm-hmm but then I thought, wait a minute, there’s there’s something obvious here. That, that people may not have even thought about because, you know, we saw all the people on social media saying, it’s a distraction, it’s a distraction what’s going on behind the scenes.
But I thought, well, besides the distraction. What

[00:01:00] if he, this is a prime example of them deliberately presenting one system legal instead of both systems legal and law, you know, that, that makes sense, right? Exactly. Yes. It’s, it’s, it’s a brainwashing in your face. They’re talking about two actors from Hollywood, but the real implication on your brain and in your ears and your psyche is that.
Legal’s the only way. And the only way to settle your disputes between man and woman is with lawyers and cameras and in the public public, public, public. And it’s, it’s that’s that couldn’t be further from the truth. They could have handled this in the private. They could have handled this with law man to woman.
They could have handled this without lawyers, without judges. The, the, the high price of all of this to not only to their bank account, but to, to their public reputations,

[00:02:00] like you said exactly. Exactly. You were even reminding me of, of some of the shows on TV because I don’t, I don’t watch TV and I don’t, I’m gonna get back into it, cuz there’s so much great content here.
Mm-hmm but what were some of the shows that, that are all legal? Even when they have the word law in the. Well, I was just telling you about finishing or binge watching the Lincoln lawyer, which was, I thought was great entertainment, right? Probably based on the legal society, you know, system and, and not really paying attention, you know, he’s a criminal defense lawyer, so has nothing to do necessarily with honor.
Right. Restoring all or law. Yeah. Or law. Exactly. So, yeah, it’s like that. Like you’re saying about it you know, the one purpose could be a distraction, but the other purpose is that I guess you called it brainwashing. I call it programming, programming, broadcasting of spells, and, and there’s so many shows like this.

What are some of the names of the shows? Oh, like we’ve talked about the Lincoln lawyer, then there’s what law
[00:03:00] and order was another one. I used to be obsessed with a good wife before I knew anything about law. I just mm-hmm liked that one. You know, I think any of the, the legal LA law, the practice all those CSI shows.
Suits. And I know tons of movies whenever you watch those. They’re all showing courtrooms and, and legal stuff like that. Tom cruise, JAG movie, you can’t handle the truth and right. It’s all legal, legal, legal, legal, and they’re not showing you law as much, although. There is, there is a couple shows that, that, that are quasi law.
Like judge Judy, there’s no lawyers. There’s just a man and a woman. Right. And Perry Mason from back in the day, the older versions of Perry Mason. Yep. Yep. So it is, it is out there a little bit because they’re obligated to show you, but I heard there’s This, this new show called all rise, which rise.
that’s where it

[00:04:00] sounds like they’re summoning the dead. That’s kinda weird. That’s kinda weird.
Yeah, they do that their So, yeah, it’s, it’s just interesting that the whole world was talking about these two Hollywood actors and you know what, and then, then the people that consider themselves awakened are like, well, what’s, what’s, you know, what’s the distraction, what are they hiding?
They didn’t give this kind of press to the Elaine Maxwell thing that was all hand artist. Sketches and they must be hiding something and, and I’m like, well, maybe. Right in your face they’re they’re, they’re programming you to think that legal is the only system, the only jurisdiction, the only way that you can, can hold court to get resolution, but it, it couldn’t be further from the truth.
So, yeah. Yeah. I thought that was kind of, kind of. Interesting, because again, I don’t watch TV. I don’t watch the news. I don’t

[00:05:00] allow people to send me videos. I usually end up blocking them. I just, I stay out of the noise, but I need to tune back into some of the noise because I need to point this out to people that this is what they’re doing.
Right. Well, the other thing I think is interesting is like, I’m really good. I’ve, I’ve learned to be really good about like you, you mentioned blocking out the news. I, you know, I know how to look around it. I have ad block. I have everything on my computer and everything so that I usually don’t see what’s going on, on purpose.
You know what I mean? But had such a strong marketing campaign behind it that it even got through all my stuff. I’m like, who’s paying for this, like everywhere I looked, it was like, yeah, YouTube or, or Facebook or everywhere. And like I said, everywhere, I’ve, I’ve blocked. And I’ve said, don’t show me this stuff.
And somehow it still got through. Yeah, there was everywhere. It was definitely intentional because the, the six corporations that own all of media on the whole earth, you know, we’re talking. Internet radio, television apps,

[00:06:00] computer app, all of it. Taxis, newspapers, billboards, times square. There are only six corporations that own all of it, right.

They know what they’re going to put out. They have, what’s called an editorial calendar, which every media outlet on the planet has. You can go look at Forbes. Media or editorial calendar, 20 22, 20 23. And it’s put out usually in December for the year that’s coming out, they know what’s coming out. They are scripted topics.
They do this on a schedule. So yeah, this, this was definitely a big production and it. It just, they’re so scared of people. I assume. They’re so scared of people waking up to the fact that law is the original jurisdiction. Law is the highest jurisdiction and legal was a clone of law. Legal is the undoing of law to do something in legal.
Most of the time you’re actually breaking the law. And a lot of people are waking up to this, especially in our

[00:07:00] audiences. You know that Jenna and I are involved. So, so on that note, let’s take a quick break and, and we’ll come right back
and we’re back. So we were just talking about, you know, law versus legal and how the, the Johnny Depp, Amber heard show production was, could have been a distraction, but really it was a programming of. People’s brains to only see legal, legal, legal but you know, we know there’s law law law is the original laws from the creator and, and legal is manmade.
So go ahead. Comment. I have too is just that it’s, it’s also programming people to not know there’s. I mean, you’re, it’s just another way of saying to differentiate law between legal. They think that legal is. Right. Right. So many people think legal is law. You say to someone, do you know law? Yeah, I know law.
Okay. Tell me law. They don’t know law. Yeah, I know law. I write, I write

[00:08:00] notices and they, and you, you look at ’em, you’re like that that’s all legal, you’re quoting codes, acts and statutes. You’re that’s all Florida law, us law, or you mean they write like affidavits or something cuz notices would be on the law side.
Right. Of just some. Yeah. But what they write in the notice is, is. You know, they’re writing codes and, or they’re, they’re merging them and co-mingling them. And I’m like, that’s not law and they don’t even have a claim. They don’t have a bill. They don’t have anything. That’s actually law. They’re not accusing a man or a woman of, of, of a wrong and, and requiring remedy.
They’re not providing remedy. They’re not. Yeah. You know, oh, this is my, my notice against the, the state of Florida. That’s not law. Right. That’s legal. Or they think call a lawyer. They think that’s law. Yeah. Yeah, because it starts with the first three letters, L a w right. Law. No, that’s all legal and, you know, practicing law that they can only lawyers can only practice law.
They can’t actually be in law. That’s why they are attorneys at law. Yeah. People

[00:09:00] are really confused and think they’re one and the same and they couldn’t be. Further ends of the, of the spectrum. Mm-hmm . So how could this have gone differently if the woman Amber and the man Johnny had held a court of law instead?
I mean, it could have, it could have salvaged their, I mean, you know, despite Johnny winning and I know he has like a strong fan base and everything I still think it tainted, you know, both of them, it dragged them through the mud basically in the public eye. So yeah, the benefits of doing things lawfully is that you can avoid that.
You can sit down in a room face to face and possibly with a mediator. If you need, you know, someone there a third party to keep you guys from killing each other, but or pooping on each other. Yeah. Yeah. So that that’s one huge thing is salvaging, you know, your, your dignity. Yeah. Yeah. So it could have been done.
It could have been done in the private it could have been done much faster. It didn’t have

[00:10:00] to get dragged out. It, it would’ve been absolutely cheaper. You don’t really need money to, to handle your, your, your affairs in the private. You wouldn’t have needed to pay for lawyers and, and lawyers aren’t even allowed in law because lawyers is a, is a legal title.
They, they could have received faster remedy. Like I don’t know how long the whole trial was and when they started this and when the first paper, when the first lawyer was hired, I mean maybe a whole year has gone by, I don’t know. Right. Yeah. And I think I didn’t pay attention. Oh, go ahead. No, go ahead.
I was just gonna say the dynamic between the two people it’s like, okay, well he won supposedly, you know, he was victorious, but, but you, you have these two individuals that are just like, You know, they, they have contempt towards each other. They, yes, there’s no peace. That was really, there’s no peace.
There’s no forgiveness. There’s no honor restored. There’s no apologies. There’s no, and all of that is required in, in, in law.

[00:11:00] And, and you know, one of the first things I realized when I first started discovering law, is that. It, it forces you to be a better man or woman. The honor, part of it was fascinating.
I thought, wow. The process of law again comes from the creator. Not manmade, man, man is flawed, highly flawed. Mm-hmm but the process of law, the process of restoring honor to one side or the other, or both providing remedy. Creates creates a, a better character in, in, in the men and women, it creates a better community.
It create it literally fixes almost everything that’s wrong in the world. I agree. And I can’t explain that just on this, this recording, but yeah, it, it, it really, it, it does so much good. And, and puts the swings, the pendulum in the direction of good and peace and honor,

[00:12:00] and, and, and all that, all that warm, fuzzy stuff.
Yeah. I’ve, I’ve looked at it as kind of like putting on your big girl or your big boy, you know, underwear. Yes. And and being humble, you know, you have to humble yourself to, to some degree. And when, when you’re in that sort of state and. That that’s a more peaceful state. Right. So exactly what I think it’s like, it’s almost like a spiritual awakening in a way.
And, and I think for totally healthy, healthy quality for men and women to cultivate, to you know, shine as examples like that in their community. Yeah. And you know, when people are saying these, these people that think they’re awakened and they say things like. Or partially awake and they say things like level up level up while literally going up to law is, is a higher vibration.
You know, I like to paint a picture in people’s minds because they’re listening picture a mountain, which is kind of funny because, you know, Moses went to the top of the mountain to get 10 commandments, which are pretty much law. Right. But top of the mountain is law.

[00:13:00] And there’s 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 100 people up there.
Very few people are up there, involved in law, and then down at the bottom in the valleys and at the bottom of the mountain are the other 8 billion people on the planet. And they’re all engaging in legal and they’re all throwing around all these things like protests and impeachments and lawsuits and this and that.
And. That’s all legal and we’re up here at the top of the mountain going, come up, come up to the top. It’s great. Up here. You don’t have any controversy. Everybody is nice to each other. Everything’s happy and peaceful and wonderful. Come up to the top where there’s law so right. We literally want them to come up, raise up, go.
Level up. Yeah. And to your point too, there, you know, when you’re in the legal society and trying to resolve things that way you’re, you’re under 64 million codes acts and statutes. Right. And who can remember that and growing, and, and the thing is that they go both ways. So there’s not even like a definitive,

[00:14:00] you know, this is right and this is wrong.
In, in all of that. So yeah, there’s way too much over on that side that we’re down on that, down, down on that level, that, that, geez, I wouldn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Trying to learn it. I mean, that’s, that’s thousands of years in the making, right? Yeah. I mean, good on them for, for doing what they do and anyone that wants to operate in, in down in the legal system.
Good. That’s your choice. We have free will. I’m just saying that, you know, Hey, up here in law, it’s, it’s more simple, it’s more effective. It’s, it’s wonderful. And you, again, you can bounce back and forth. If you wanna go stay up in law most of the time and then dip your toe down into legal and, and do something and then come back up to law.
You don’t have to do any of that paperwork, you know, authenticating the birth certificate and giving yourself yet another title in state national. Again, that’s all down at the bottom, in the, in the manmade systems. Mm-hmm , that’s my definitive line. Did the creator make it or did man make it? And it doesn’t matter

[00:15:00] if it’s law food herbs, did man make it, or did the creator make it creator made herbs?
That can heal me manmade pharmaceuticals. That can harm me. Okay. That’s my line. That’s it. to me. That’s what keeps it simple. And I really just don’t wanna. Down there dealing with any of the manmade fuckery. It’s just, it’s just it’s just fuckery. It’s a headache too. a headache, worry, calm and, you know, stress, stress it’s yeah.
You gain weight because you’re carrying around the emotional baggage and, oh my gosh. Yeah. Yeah, so we were looking at some of these other headlines in the news that also could be using law instead of legal. I’m just gonna read a couple of them here. Okay. One of ’em is gymnasts, which is a title, a legal title, gymnasts file.
1 billion in claims against FBI for mishandling of Larry Nasar investigation. Okay. So let’s break this down. Gymnast is a legal title and they file 1 billion in claims.

[00:16:00] Okay. So claim is on the law side complaint is on the legal side. So that’s kind of interesting. Mm-hmm Against FBI. Well, okay, so a title against a title.
So they’re definitely in the legal system. FBI is just a fiction corporation on paper. Yep. It’s not a man or a woman. And so. We read a little bit about this, like the first paragraph. And it did say that they were using a tort claim. And again, we know that if you put an adjective in front of something, then it diminishes the word.
So it’s not a real claim. It’s not a. Big boy claim it’s it’s a tort claim. But I guess you could say maybe they’re getting closer in the direction of law, but this is a no way law. So if those women, I think there was nine 90 women and girls. Yeah. If they actually operated in law and filed a claim against the men are women.
Who sometimes act as FBI agents, right. Or against the man? Larry Naar I dunno if he’s dead or not. I don’t

[00:17:00] know he was a doctor or something. Again, another title, so yeah, that’s, that’s, we’re just pointing out the difference between. All these headlines are just programming you to say legal, but, but, but laws above that, another one is I don’t even know how to say this town, a UAL UAL, UAL or UAL day.
I don’t know. Teacher teachers, a title who’s 11 students. Students is a title were killed in the mass shooting. Mass shooting is a, is a, I believe a legal term because in the law world it would be harm trespassed by way of, of murder or something. Mass shooting called the cops, another legal title cowards.
And then. The, the, you know, if the, if the men and women who had children that were harmed or killed, they could then use law to file a claim against the men or women acting as cops mm-hmm . So there’s the difference? Another title, 10 year old Florida girl. See, they’re putting the word Florida in front of

[00:18:00] girl.
Accused of fatally shooting woman who was in fight with her mother. Usually in the, in the legal system, they’re gonna wanna drag the 10 year old girl through the mud and, you know, get their, get their money and, and their bonds and, and, and possibly warehouse her for more money. But in law it could be seen as you know, she’s defending her mom.
She, she was, you know, doing what was law. I don’t know the, the details. I’m not, I’m not assuming I’m just saying possibly. Yeah. But possibly she was defending her mother the woman who is her mother and, and operating in the law. And if, if that family knew law, then because the girls only 10 years old, that she would be the property of that family and they could operate in law and So another, the, the final title we, we kind of scratched the surface of was Matthew McConaughy meets Biden and pleads for an end to gun violence.
Now I’m not gonna talk about the gun violence part of

[00:19:00] this. See this for what it is. You’ve got a Hollywood actor who
most people put Hollywood actors and actresses on a pedestal. I don’t Jenna doesn’t most of our friends don’t we know everybody’s equal. So. Here’s this guy who this man who is, is seen as some type of, of hero or something, he’s up there on a pedestal. Then what they’re doing to you, your brain is they’re saying, well, that’s that guy, even though he is on a higher pedestal, has to go meet an even higher pedestal.
You know, the, the president of the United States, which is actually the lowest servant on the totem pole is the federal level. Yeah, a president, a fake president, defacto president of a corporation, not even of a, of a government but anyway of a country, but you know, oh, this, this, this pond has to go meet this pond and beg and please for something.

[00:20:00] Oh, daddy, daddy, president, please. Please. Can you do this for me? Can you listen to me? That’s not the way it’s supposed to work in self-governance yeah. We’re supposed to require of our public servants. We are supposed to state exactly what they are to do. We don’t beg and plead on our knees. We don’t beg and plead on our needs.
That’s right. Right. So all these titles, all these shows on the news, all these productions see, read between the lines and see that they’re. Programming you. On the hierarchy or the, the fake hierarchy. They want you to think that the, the federal government is the highest in the land and, and, and that you are at the bottom.
No, they flipped the script on you. Okay. On the law side, man is the highest, the federal is the lowest. I bet if you want to jump down into a lowly position such as citizen resident, or any other title, like

[00:21:00] parent or farmer or teacher that, that they created. Go ahead. That’s your choice. Yep. Right. But if you wanna learn how to stand in law, well then head on over to Jennifer H
You know, it’s, it’s, it’s life changing when people learn this, isn’t it, Jenna. Absolutely. You operate in totally different capacity in the world. And, you know, conflicts do come up in, in everyday life and rather than feeling like a helpless victim to them, You have a framework, you know, through learning this law common to eye, you stand up straighter.
You realize no, one’s gonna mess with you. You see people different, you differently. You look at them in the eyes and you, you, you send your energy to them. I’m not taking your crap today. You don’t have to be a jerk. As a matter of fact, in law, you don’t, you don’t act as a jerk. I always go back to that Patrick Swayze movie, where Roadhouse, where he was teaching the bouncers, how to stop fighting and to, you know, act more

[00:22:00] peaceful.
Until someone harms. Right. Cuz it’s an energy frequency. Everything comes back to energy and if you hold yourself confidently and powerfully and joyfully and with compassion, you know, a lot, most people out here, most of the public servants don’t know the difference between law and legal, but if you hold yourself the right way and you know, I traveled the country.
I, I went through 19 different states in my RV. Not once did someone make me put a mask on or you know, if someone did ask, I just. You know, thought to myself, okay. They don’t know any better. I don’t need to shop here. I can go to the store next door and it wasn’t an issue. But it didn’t happen very often at all.
Probably, you know, three times I can count in a year and a half. So during the whole, the whole production mm-hmm so, yeah. It’s it’s. It’s something that is life changing. It’s the most powerful information I’ve ever heard in my life. And I’ve been down all the rabbit holes and I cannot encourage people enough to, to

[00:23:00] learn the difference between law and legal and decide when you want to use each system.
So hopefully this has helped some people and Jenna, we love having you. So you’re welcome back anytime. And anything else? Anything else you got going on, you need to say, I just wanted to add that it’s not just public servants, that you can you know, resolve or, or remove controversy and bring honor back to situations with, you know, the fellow men and women in your community that don’t know law and, and.
You know, we’ve been taught to act dishonorably a lot of times, right. So it’s helping to bring that back into the community. So, yeah, we’ve been taught to call that third party, call the authorities, call the dog catcher, call the cops, call, call, call somebody else outside of yourself. And that actually starts the beginning of the controversy, you know, or, or takes the next step of the controversy.
Yep, yep. Yep. Exactly. All right. That’s a wrap and we’ll see you all next time. Thanks Jenna. Bye. Bye.


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