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This podcast is about our live meeting last night discussing how to remove lien from property.

Jennifer Goodwin 0:04
Hey, y’all, I have a guest for us today, I just wanted to, you know, bring a testimonial to what we’re teaching here and show you that this actually works because so many people think, Oh, you know, that’s great in theory, but does it really work? So today I brought on my friend and and Facebook fan and you know, someone that I that I have connected through through the internet. So she’s not just saying this because she I grew up with her or something, and she’s just lying or anything like that. But my friend, Stacy that that I’ve connected with over a period of time through social media is with us today. And she’s gonna share her story about how law common to AI and the knowledge of natural law and God’s law, and holding your own court, remove lien and writing your own notices has actually worked for her and worked for her very well. So Stacey, welcome, and thank you for being here. Hello, how are you? Yeah, good, good. So let’s fill the audience in with what your situation was what your prior knowledge was with, you know, using the legal system or lawyers, whatever. And then we’ll get into what you did, and the outcome.

Stacy 1:30
Okay, um, well, basically, it had to do with, we had under our own company, and it was an LLC, LLC, they’re supposed to protect the individual that owns the company. Correct? Please, remove lien that’s the way it’s supposed to work. When you say we were talking about my husband. Okay, so family on business. Go ahead. Family on business. Actually, he was the one that was the sole owner, I was just the spouse, if that makes any sense. But anyway. So I, we received, we set down our company a couple of years ago, and maybe three years ago now anyway, and we had an outstanding bill related to the company. And apparently, we did, we’ve moved, we’ve changed addresses, whatever, and got a letter in the mail from an attorney. And it said that we there was a judgment that was placed on us through the court. And it had my head the company name on it, it didn’t have our name on it didn’t have anything to do with us in the judgment that this attorney reached out to seize our funds. And you know, how,

Jennifer Goodwin 2:52
how long were How long was it if you even know this? Was it? between the time the bill was incurred? And the time the lawyer or attorney or law firm, wrote that notice wrote that letter?

Stacy 3:06
Ah, gosh, probably about three years, maybe?

Jennifer Goodwin 3:09
Oh, wow. Okay. So a long period of time goes by, and all of a sudden out of the blue, you get some notice that some some lawyer or attorney law firm, whatever they want to call themselves is, is doing some some worry.

Stacy 3:26
I didn’t know what Honestly, I didn’t. I didn’t know what he was exactly, because his notice a receiver. So his was what? He was a receiver. Ah, okay. He was using that receiver. Correct. And I didn’t, I had to lick all that stuff up. Because I didn’t know what that was. All I knew is I went, how it all came about, honestly, was I was at a restaurant and use my debit card to pay for our mail. And it was declined, and I knew it shouldn’t be declined. And then I then I’m like, What the heck. And so I call my bank to find out what the deal is. And then they’re the ones that actually gave me the paperwork. I didn’t even nothing was mailed to me nothing. They just put a lien or a hold. On our account. This receiver did.

Jennifer Goodwin 4:19
Wow. Yeah, all of a sudden, this receiver locks up your whole bank account,

Stacy 4:25
all of it. And I had, we’re in the process of building so I’m trying to pay subcontractors and I’m just like, Oh my gosh, so the

Jennifer Goodwin 4:35
audience, you know, we don’t need to get into total details. But for the audience, this was multiple. This was this, um, this bank account was holding multiple five figure numbers. Yeah, it wasn’t like a couple $100 or a couple $1,000. This was a huge construction number.

Stacy 4:51
Yeah. Right. Exactly. Because we had sold our home and we have the funds in there from that and we’re in the process of building my husband can do GC work. You All right. So anyway, so I called the bank, I went to the actually I went to the bank and ask them what the heck you know and I, I had our dear in that time from, from finding out and going to the bank, I have already done research online with our state laws on how we’re protected and, and everything once they faxed over or emailed me the the actual notice or the the receivership information. And I went and sat down with them. And I had all of my, all of our protection laws in front of me. I had the thing that they gave us and I said this account that he’s trying to collect on has nothing to do with me personally. And there was no mention of my husband’s name. And the paperwork, right. And the the guy at the bank, he was like reading over it, he pulled his manager in there reading over it, they were sued, they’re like, you’re right, there’s nothing to tie you to this. And so they’re all they’re saying is, well, here’s your husband social and and I said but that the judgment from the court has nothing to do with my husband, this receiver is reteam. He there’s no tie to the st to the thing with the court paperwork, there it’s in and everything and play, right. Everything has been my account has to do with homestead funds, because that’s what we sold. And my wages and the law protects them from any kind of freeze or any kind of hold. You can lawfully do it, the law is on my side. And and the fact that the bank went ahead, and this is a big bank, it’s a national World Bank, or whatever you want to call it. It’s not like, right, it’s a World Bank. And they would not listen to me, they just got the receivership notice, this is the people that are above the people at the branch, the branch could see my point, nothing else would work. My husband and because it wasn’t directed to me, it was directed to my husband, he called the receiver didn’t get to talk to the receiver got to talk to some clerk that was speaking for the receiver as the collector, and she wanted access to go into my bank account, to go see where the funds came from our funds for our account, and I’m like, Oh, no, no, no, no, no. And then she’s trespassing. And, and so there were so many things wrong with this. And I, I have dealt with attorneys I’ve dealt with, you know, when we were several years ago, going through a partnership breakup, a divorce, per se. What I learned from that is, is that you don’t win. Even though it looks like you won, you don’t win when you go through the attorney process, because they’re all related to the same club. They’re all in the bar system. And the bar takes that takes up for the bar.

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And they all win. And I don’t know how to make you understand that until you go through it. So you there it’s called a settlement process you settle. Instead of we had all the evidence to have the partner in the company pay us, right for what they stole, because there was theft, I can prove all of the theft, we can prove it through our audit. But we weren’t able to collect on any of that because they wanted to settle. So they kept this that case going for two or three years, because the attorneys are getting paid by the client. You know what I’m saying? As long as we’re still I mean, even though the evidence is there, everything’s there, all the paperwork backed up and everything. Let me advise you something never, never ever settle and always find find somebody if you’re going that route. Find somebody that’s willing to go to court for you Don’t let them talk you out of it because you want that jury.

So tell me what you did to fix this. What what what changed that that, you know, ended up getting your money back. Okay, so how, okay, this is because of that whole situation, which was our learning experience and how the legal system worked. Plus I had other issues with that same thing because that partner tried to swindle money out of us when we sold our property. Claiming other stuff. I mean, I’m telling you, it’s an ongoing thing. So I needed to find out more on how to protect myself. And you know, when you’re going on Facebook, you look at different groups, you look at different people. You listen to different people, you listen to different groups, and I found Jennifer. And I just started listening to her videos. And I’m like, Yeah, she’s got it. And I started looking at what she’s saying, or what she’s preaching. She’s got it. And so I didn’t know Jennifer from Adam. But I just started following her and listening and listening and listening. And my husband started listening and listening, listening. So anyway, never dreamed that I’d have to ever have to really use what I’m learning. But thank God, I was there. And God put me in that spot to listen. Because when this other thing came up, and this receiver decided to put a hold on our personal account and trespass on our personal property, I was able to go to the website and listen to the videos for law calm, and I. And I put together a notice to that receiver. Mm hmm. Very good. It’s

Jennifer Goodwin 11:04
I think you did this on a Monday night after work. And

Stacy 11:10
it’s good just to work. We were that was when everybody was frozen.


Jennifer Goodwin 11:18
it was frozen. And but everybody like frozen. It was a Monday evening. You showed it to me, it looked good. And you said you you sent it to the receiver, right?

Stacy 11:28
I sent it to the receiver, and I gave him a three day deadline to respond.

Jennifer Goodwin 11:35
Or that you were not going to charge $1,000 for whatever per minute or whatever it was you you follow the law comment I vocabulary?

Stacy 11:44
Yeah, I totally did. And by the end of that three days at 12, o’clock, midnight, or whatever, I’d love you 59. He was going to be owe me something like $48,000. And it was right. And it didn’t, either. Yeah. In addition to restoring my property, right. He didn’t want to do that. My Account got restored.

Jennifer Goodwin 12:08
And you were calling me Wednesday morning. Less than, I don’t know, 36 hours later, and you’re saying it worked? It works. The money’s

Stacy 12:16
bad. I know. I know. I was so excited. I called everybody I even called me a relative that didn’t know anything about what was any I didn’t tell anybody. Right. Tell people stuff like your personal Yeah. Yeah. When this works, it’s like, oh, heck, yeah. You can do this. You can do this on your own. You don’t have to have somebody with a title to help you. That’s right. As long as as long as you use the correct verbiage. And don’t play into the legalese game. You’re good. You’re golden.

Jennifer Goodwin 12:56
Yep. Yep. It was awesome. I remember you saying you could kiss me through the phone. And

Stacy 13:02
yeah, I mean, you were way away. I like I said, I hadn’t even met you. We just talked on the phone. And you were my new best friend.

Jennifer Goodwin 13:12
I’m so glad it worked for you. You know, it’s it’s truly an energy shift. It’s a confidence boost. It’s and it’s actually more simple than anything legal, the legal Yes, to complicate things on purpose to confuse us and to trick us into consenting through ignorance. And because they’re complicating things. And when you want complicated all you’re more powerful, because it’s it’s it’s easier to grasp, and therefore it’s easier to press your claim and hold your court and write your notice. Because it’s, it’s it’s pretty black and white.

Stacy 13:49
Yeah. And not only did I do it to the receiver, I also sent a letter to his assistant because she’s who we talked to, you sent out a letter is, I mean, yeah, I noticed. It was an it was a it was a new notice, I noticed to her and I noticed to him, and both of them were going to be charged, because she was in control of lifting it and she was the one that was the spokesman for it. So I she

Jennifer Goodwin 14:13
was the woman who did act as whatever book is titled I did trespass and he was the man who did act as receiver who did trespass. So yeah, correct. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Love it. I love it. Is there anything else

Stacy 14:33
about this? situation, do not do not get discouraged. It does work, work through it and pay attention. You got questions? I mean, you can find the answers. Everything is out there. There’s no excuse for anybody not to be able to do this because the answers are there. And and Jennifer’s website that she had all of the lessons are there and she does cases and I just made that simple case, my case, which is a little bit more detailed, but it was the same basic guidelines,

Jennifer Goodwin 15:10
you have to do it again, you’ve already had that first one under your belt, and it’s I love to do it again. And when then you can, you know, you can’t save anyone else, but you can inspire others to learn this and you can help your community and your families to go in the right direction. So the more that we read this out, the more that we learn this, the better. So thank you for sharing your story even though it involves some some personal details. And you know, thanks for, for confirming that this works. I’m so glad it worked for you and your husband. And we got to turn that around very quickly in a matter of about 36 hours with just one notice. You didn’t even have to write notice to notice three and then

Stacy 15:55
hold, you know, and by jury, right, you were ready to go to bed ready because I was gonna be more money in my pocket. All right, right. You

Jennifer Goodwin 16:03
were gonna get the the the big number restored in your account and the 40,000 minimum. I mean, if they had dragged it out two weeks, it would have been hundreds of 1000s that they claim. So Exactly. Yeah, it’s it’s, it’s awesome. It’s great. We’re gonna wrap up here, folks. So Stacey, thank you for for joining today and giving your your testimonial and we’ll talk again soon. All right, sounds good.

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