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Taxes Are Voluntary, Cops and Fuckery



This podcast is all about our live meeting last night discussing “is income tax voluntary?

Jennifer Goodwin 0:07
All right, welcome, everyone for another weekly meeting, interview audio video, however you’re listening or watching this. We are going to open this up for question and answers. We’re just going to kind of do a potluck tonight. I wanted to play an audio for people, because whenever I’m in the Facebook groups and the you know, the social media chats and all the or even private conversation in, in, in the flesh with people. So for example, I’m in the process of looking at real estate and land. And of course, when you go through that process, the the typical thing they want is, what’s your credit score? And have you filed your taxes, and I just want to play an audio here from the IRS director himself. This was on c span from Capitol Hill where they’re having a hearing, this is an official meeting. And I just want to play a couple seconds of this so you can hear it, I have to make sure I have my speaker on so you can hear it. He said that. He said that the handling of those tax exempt applications in that process at the IRS was outrageous and intolerable. No excuse. And as much as we know that the folks at IRS have a thankless job, because they have to go and tell their fellow Americans that they may be on or they have to do this work, understand. We have to maintain the confidence in the system because it’s a voluntary system of payment of our taxes. I agree. And so you’re right. It was a foolish mistake. But the President’s even more correct. It was outrageous was a foolish mistake. But the presidency even more correctly, was outrageous, and adults intolerable. Now, let me also focus on something Mr. George, you said, when you were asked, was there any finding or evidence of political motivation here? You said, No, that’s correct, sir. So what we find is a situation where inexcusable activity took place. Because it erodes the competence of the American people in a system where they participate voluntarily. So, is income tax voluntary? Yes! And if there’s a place in public service, where you have to have the highest level of conduct and standards, it’s at the IRS. And so Mr. Miller, I think it’s unfortunate for those who are in positions of authority, but the buck has to stop somewhere. So, is income tax voluntary? Yes! And I think that’s exactly exactly what we’re saying. That should not diminish the good work that has been done by anyone within the IRS over the years. And so I hope you understand that you’re here today, talking to us. Because we need to get to the bottom of this. We need to clean up and clear out. So we can go back to the business of making sure that people respect the fact that we have a voluntary system of paying our taxes. Having said that, let me ask you a question.

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So he just told everyone who’s in the know, on Capitol Hill, they’re all in the know, all the rich people are in the know. The paying taxes to the IRS is voluntary. And people still do it. Here’s my money, you bad politicians. You bet they’re not even politicians. We haven’t had politicians since the 1800s. But you bad Land Pirates that work for a foreign corporation? Well, here’s our money. Here’s our hard earned wages. here’s here’s a portion of portion of our compensation that we can’t afford, but we’ll give it to you. Because you’ve threatened us and made us think that we’re going to jail if we don’t, it’s voluntary. They’re saying it on TV, they say it in the paperwork. They say it everywhere. As a matter of fact, it used to come on the paperwork that would come to your house. I mean, think about it. If man and woman is number two on the totem pole, the creators number one, and man and woman is number two on the totem pole. And everything that we created is number three, four or 5678 910 1112. We created government we created the constitution we created nuclear bombs we created politicians, we created the IRS we created everything. So if we created it and these, these two Sorry, excuses for public officials, they’re supposed to be working for us, then how can they demand anything of their employer where the employer, they can’t demand it, we voluntarily decide whether to give them our wages or not. So that they can serve us, so that they can go out and build me a road. Make me a better school or hospital. So, is income tax voluntary? Yes! But that’s me volunteering my wages over so that they can serve me better. So when you hand your money over to the fraudulent Corporation, the defunct de facto government that sits in the foreign land known as DC, and you’re handing it over to them, and you know, they’re funding all these, you know, black projects, under the guise of space exploration and, and global warming, you know, they’re, you’ll say, they’re criminals in one on one side of your mouth. And then you’ll say, I gotta pay my taxes out of the other side. you’re contributing to organized crime. So I’m just trying to put this into perspective. So you can think about it a different way. Let me see what it says here. Korea’s edited, edited, edited, edited, and our members believe that that is contrary to the founders vision of fiscal policy. There was a line here that was good that just really put it into perspective. But basically, this this site that I was that I had on my screen, I didn’t actually read it. I just saw the snippet. snippets great. But basically, that the the, the fake government that has said that you have to pay your taxes, or they haven’t said it, they actually haven’t said it. here’s the here’s the kicker, they have never said that it’s mandatory, ever. They can’t. Because they have to put it in your face, they have to put the truth in your face. And then if we’re too stupid to consider to hand over our wages, because we think it because we heard it through the grapevine because we saw it in some Hollywood movie or some television or saw it on a on a website. If they’ve if they have shown us in the in the paperwork in the books, that it’s voluntary. And why are we handing it over to known criminals who do evil things, and not standing on our on our knowledge and our rights that no one has the right to our property. So I just wanted to drive that home a little bit. Again, this is going to be more of a a potluck question and answer session since I did not line up a specific guest for this week. I have some big guests coming up actually a couple guests that are so big. I’m scared to have them. Oh boy, oh boy. Yeah, things are getting getting I’m getting noticed again, now that I’m back now let them back and semi settled.

Yeah, some of the biggest names out there need help. And that would just put me in the middle of some pretty Muddy Waters with with high profile matters. That’s all I’m gonna say. So I haven’t decided but but in the next couple of weeks, I may decide to have have some of these people on. So let’s see, is Canada the same taxes are voluntary? Well, I would ask my partner, john little that. He lives there. But here’s what I can say. All of this fraud comes from 1000s of years ago from Rome. Okay, this all goes back to Caesar. We’re still doing the same thing today. Things don’t change. laws don’t change kings and queens and rich families don’t change their game. Because if it’s been working for them for 5000 years, why would they wake up one day and go you know, Frank, this this shits been working for us for about 4000 years. But let’s change it all. Let’s just change it all and change all the laws and change all the water rules and the shipping laws and the maritime laws and the my flag Trumps your flag, let’s just change it all threw it all out the window and start over. They didn’t do that. So they’re still perpetuating Roman Civil Code and, and all their fuckery from 6000 5000 10,000. However many 1000 years ago before you and I were born, and they have spread it out over the whole world through the families like the Rothschilds. In the banking families in the central banks, it’s all the same game in every country. So I would assume without checking that on the legal side is the same thing in Canada. But remember what I teach with law calm and I remember what I teach, let’s go back to this. The Creator is number one on the totem pole. Number two is the creator’s creation man and woman, if you call yourself a woman, you’re number two. If you call yourself a resident, you’re number 4785. on the totem pole, you call yourself a citizen, you’re fucked. You call yourself a man or a woman, you have the highest power besides your Creator, whatever you believe that creator is that created you? So if you have the highest power, I don’t care about a border that some man or woman made and called it Canada, however many hundreds of years ago, I don’t give two shits about that. That’s hearsay. Oh, you call that Canada? That’s cute. Oh, you call that America? That’s cute. But the American Indians love that. You call that the Bahamas? That’s cute. Another man or a woman made that up? Not me. Not you. It’s just more man made crap. So I have a right to everything that is mine, my body, my DNA, my eyeballs, my money. Whatever is in my possession that I didn’t steal from another man or a woman. It’s mine trees outside are mine. The water outside is mine. water in the ocean is mine. Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine. And yours. If you call yourself a man or a woman. I think again, I’ve gone over this I’m not homophobic or anti gay or any of that. I have plenty of friends that identify as or are, you know, homosexual, lesbian doesn’t matter to me. I know where where I know the history of things. I understand. We’re born with our sexuality. I understand the the powers that be have have messed with human DNA for years. But there’s an extra agenda. There’s an extra layer to that, that you have to understand that if they can get people to stop calling themselves a man or a woman. So when a man says I’m a man, oh, that’s that’s toxic masculinity. Or I’m a woman? No, you’re a feminist. If we can call ourselves anything but a man or a woman we demote ourselves from role number two on the totem pole. And we push ourselves way down beneath something that they have control or they think they have control over. But that’s how we consent through ignorance and we consent through vocabulary. Christine says I was born in Rome. Probably a cool place to be born.

But Lisa said, I didn’t volunteer this year awesome. Nor did I or the year before. And half my friends ever since I’ve been coming out with this really, you know, tapping into this in the past year, said, Oh yeah, I haven’t paid in 20 years I haven’t paid in 10 years, I went to court and I fought the government and I won I don’t pay taxes. And because one of them was a federal employee. Were a federal contractor I want to say I think he was a civilian working for a a federal Corporation during the day. But knowing full well he was a man and didn’t have to pay into a voluntary system. My friend James did that a couple times up in New York, of all places. So what about trans people see exactly that’s that they want you to call yourself that. So that you don’t call yourself a man or a woman because the creator created man and woman. It’s in the Bible and the courts work off the Bible, if you know what you’re doing. They work off of equity, the highest power you have in court, and 8 billion people on the planet. Only maybe a few 1000 maybe. Let’s say 100,000 on the whole planet might know what equity is. The judges know it. The people like me in the no no it it’s now I have my own theory of why equity is the highest power. Equity means doing good. Always, always do good. Be good. There’s Maxim’s of law that teach equity. There’s, it’s to me the way I explain it. It’s kind of like it’s the vibration of being honest and doing good deeds. For example, someone, my friend Hamilton and I were on the phone the other day, and he said, you know, if if, if a judge said to you that, you know, something horrific. And you said, Thank you, let’s say the judges is, is, you’re in their court and the judge is saying, you’re going to jail for 10 years, and you say, thank you. That’s standing in honor that’s being equitable, but I believe it all comes back to the energy of it to higher vibration, and it’s math, and it Trump’s their lower vibration. That’s my theory of why this all goes back to the highest power, the highest power of consciousness and energy and everything that we’re just scratching the surface on, but know that it works. So yeah, that’s why they want to get you to call yourself anything but a man or a woman, it’s the highest. It’s the highest power we have. It’s the highest vibration. And as they tear us down, bring us down, what are they bringing down, they’re bringing the vibration down. So if you can radiate it, let’s say 800 megahertz is I don’t even know I’m just pulling a number out of thin air. Let’s say that the highest vibration that a human can radiate at let’s put it over 1000 is 1000 points, 1000 megahertz, 1000 units, however, they measure it, right. But every time they make you depressed, or tell you have a ticket or pull you over or shove something down your throat on the television, they’re constantly reducing those 1000 units down to 800 700 600 500 400. That’s why we say all the things like I feel so low, you’re bringing me down, you’re an energy vampire. Is income tax voluntary? You are D pressing me, okay, it’s down, down, down, down, down until you’re down. And you have to go back up. That’s right, one of the audience’s saying reptilians feed off the lower vibration. It’s called louche. It’s their food. They can’t survive without it. It’s why the world is full of negativity, they eat it, they love it. That’s why they say you can kill evil people with kindness. Because if you raise your vibration, it’s literally like sending death rays out to the evil ones. Sounds hokey, but it’s not. We’re all getting aware of our powers.

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And you I don’t know about you, but I’ve been so high on a vibration sometimes like at a after my accident. And after three years of healing and coming back to the marketing world. And I was I was ready to reclaim my spot at the front line. And I went to the first marketing event conference, and I was just in my power suit and in my white suit in my heels, and I was working in that room. And people were walking up to me and saying, I don’t know who you are, but you just have some aura around you, your energy is off the hook, who are you and they had to introduce themselves to me, and then other people were like, Oh, my God, I can’t believe it’s you. And, and by the end of the day, the first day I was standing at the bar, and you know, because everybody congregates at the bar after the event. And I was saying to my my roommate, my friend who was staying with me in the hotel, I said, Oh my gosh, I don’t know if this is gonna sound ridiculous. But my body is vibrating four feet to the left and four feet back to the right, like a hologram. And it’s that energy that I had, it was so high that my I was like my body was just it was it was crazy. But that vibration works in court. When you’re doing good and you are good and you’re vibrating high and you have your full of joy. That is the opposite of where these evil people want you. You are so powerful. You’re in your power, you are radiating power, you’re creating more power, and you’re creating more power not just for yourself in your immediate surroundings around the whole world because we’re all connected. Just like Avatar The movie showed us there’s no exaggeration there at all. A tree feels when another tree dies. When I breathe out. You know the toxins out of my oxygen out of my breath, the tree drinks it in and what they give out I drink in. We are also connected. And so when you can do your best be your best and and feel your best. You’re elevating the whole the whole planet. Is income tax voluntary? But back to the court stuff. You know it? It’s equity in court. That’s a lot of people want to hide this. Oh, you know, we’re only going to teach this to a certain amount of people and you know, this is only can only bring people into the secret club bullshit. Tell the world everything. The world needs to hear it, the world needs to know it, the world needs to practice it. need to know about it. I’m still digging, I’m still digging. And as quick as I find something, I share it out to you guys. I’m digging, it’s been a rough year, you know that roof. Nightmare on wheels this this, this rig on the road.

Still don’t have my my home base again should have never sold my house. For those of you thinking you’re gonna go on an adventure, you might want to pause and call me about that one. So yeah, let’s see about the other questions. A couple. What if we do if we receive a jury summons? You mean to be on jury duty? Is that what you’re talking about? Or something for your own court? Your own case? What do we do if we get pulled over by a cop? Well, you can Oh, that’s a good question. Jury Duty. have to think about that one. Well, first of all, see I’ve never received one in the mail. So I came in, look at it and see what it says you’re happy to. You’re welcome to submit it. I will look at it and I will point out exactly where their loopholes are. So, is income tax voluntary? Yes! So if they have your name and all capital letters, if they didn’t even which they probably have your name and all capital letters, so right there, that’s your straw man, you know, you’re dead entity can’t come to court. And if they want you to bring your dead entity to court, then if that’s an order, then you can charge them for that order. So, is income tax voluntary? Yes! And maybe you can make $10,000 a day while you show up in jury duty. send that to them. Right off. They don’t want you telling their sheep about that. No, it’s not an all caps will scan it to me send it to me in Facebook Messenger. I’ll look at it. Because for sure there’s not a I don’t know. I have to see it. Have to see it. The cop thing? Um, don’t we say we are an American? No American is a title. You’re a woman. No, Americans title some some man made that fuckery up. This is land. This is Earth. I’m a woman Born on Earth. Period made by the Creator. I don’t know if it’s flat, round square. Triangle. I have no idea. I’ve never gotten in a spaceship and flown outside and looked back at it. So I’m a woman Born on earth American. I mean, yeah, yes. For the for the people who don’t understand. Yeah, I’m American. But that’s a title.

That’s the title they put on you to run game on you. I’m a woman, known as Jennifer, Who who are you with? First of all, where’s the emergency? You turned your lights on? You know, if you turn your lights on, and there’s no emergency that’s a felony right? Soon as the cop says, Do you know why I pulled you over? That’s a trap. Don’t answer questions, say Well, first, I don’t answer questions. But let me ask you something. Where’s the emergency? You want to be nice to them. Just because, again, if you stand in honor, and you practice equity, and you want that high vibration, if you start picking a fight, you might drop down into a low vibration. And those little gun toting thugs on the side of the road, those corporate code enforcers, you know, they’re there, they’ve been trained to go into fight mode. They’re not going to run away. It’s not what they’ve been trained to do. And so they’re not going to fly, they’re going to fight. So they’re going to get in your face. So the more calm you can be in the higher energy vibration, you can exude better. Hey, really appreciate appreciate you out here keeping the road safe and keeping the peace. But let me ask you a question. So, is income tax voluntary? Yes! Where’s the emergency, I noticed you turn your lights on. Some of them will get it, some of them won’t. But, you know, those, whatever it is they’re trying to charge you with or give you a ticket with or give you a complaint for or a warning for whatever they want to call it wherever you live in the world. That that only applies to drivers and drivers and title. Drivers driver means someone engaged in commerce, it’s transporting something for commercial game like a taxi driver, an Uber driver, a dump truck driver, a bus driver. Okay, so for commercial and commerce, all the route rules of the road apply to them. In the private, they don’t apply to a man or a woman that’s traveling. Now there’s some gray area there and there’s a lot of argument there. You know some of my friends just slap private plates on their on their cars and tell the cops to go fuck themselves and it works sometimes some of my friends get driven home and you know it just it’s it’s it’s a learning curve for the for the policy enforcers they don’t know, bless their hearts. And other of my friends, like myself I personally choose to I personally choose to keep my driver’s license my registration and my insurance at this point, I will remove it at some point. Because if I do run over somebody, I want my insurance company to pay for it. I don’t have the 300 400 $500,000 sitting in a bank that I want to pay someone just because I I choose to engage in a motor vehicle going 70 miles an hour on the on the public roads in society and most someone down and now, you know, wow, private, private, private woman. No, no. Is income tax voluntary? God forbid I killed somebody in the private I could be hung from a tree. So I choose to choose my battles navigate. smartly smart is not a good word john little tell you that. But to navigate with some sense and and say you know what, I have bigger battles to fight right now. I don’t typically drive the speed limit, I’m usually going 10 or 15. Over I’ll drive the speed limit when it’s 55. Is income tax voluntary? And below, because that’s usually where it’s more congested. But if you get a ticket, I know my friends have done all different things, my mentor and partner and friend john little pieces ticket and goes about his day. Whereas I have other friends that are like I’m not paying that ticket and they start writing lawful notices to the court right away. Um, you know, is there a man or a woman who claims that I did wrong? or harmed someone or or damaged something or injured? You know, what not, you got to get your lawful vocabulary, right? What depends on what they’re giving you the ticket for. So if they’re giving you the ticket for speeding, well, you’re not a driver, where you are a driver, you gave them your driver’s license, and you have a license plate on your car, while you’ve consented to be a driver. So you can’t play.

You can’t be in both jurisdictions, and then just choose one when it suits you. As far as well, I gave him my license, and I had a play and I had this and I had that. And I mean, you can you can try it. I know people that have a private plate on their car, and then they also have the state plate in their window. That’s very confusing. That’s two jurisdictions at once. So there’s all different you know, for me, it comes down to case by case. Let me see what they’re doing. Let me see what you did. Because just because they’re a cop doesn’t make them wrong. Somebody is always in controversy, someone always somewhat. Is income tax voluntary? The goal is to get out of controversy and to return to honor through remedy. So the two ends of the spectrum, the bad end, the negative vibration and his controversy, the high vibration and his honor, and in between some to get from one side to the other to get from controversy to honor, somebody has to provide remedy. So if the cop did something wrong, he or she is in controversy. If you were standing in honor the whole time, then that police policy officer policy enforcer has to provide remedy the man or the woman acting as police police officer has to provide remedy because they’re just wearing a costume. The costume didn’t do anything wrong, the man or the woman did something wrong. Remember that costume never does anything. Just like a gun doesn’t fire itself. It’s the man or the woman behind the gun. So, is income tax voluntary? Yes! Right? a motor vehicle doesn’t just drive out of its parking lot and go drive around the roads. The man or the woman operating the vehicle makes that car move. Well, it’s the same thing with the ticket. The man or the woman wearing the police officer costume, wrote the ticket. Do you hold the man or the woman accountable for any wrong or harm that they did to you by writing a lawful notice which is what we teach in law COMM And I say everyone who is you have a right to serve as a juror a juror is a title So if you call yourself a juror, that’s the title. Every one who’s everyone? Is that a man is that a woman who is eligible? What is the word eligible mean? You have to look up the vocabulary, you have to get dictionaries out, you have to start looking at them. Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition, fifth edition, start, start looking at it, we have this right in the training in the dashboard. It has the books, Black’s Law Dictionary is one of them, you can just click it and buy it on Amazon, it’s done. Is income tax voluntary? Failure to respond to this summons is punishable by a fine of up to 1000 or imprisonment of up to 30 days or both. Yeah, I’d be sending them back a lawful notice and get a kick out of them reading that everyone who is eligible, so did ask them who is eligible? What is the word eligible mean? You have a right to serve as a juror, I also have a right to tell you to go fuck yourself, and I’m not serving as a juror. Funny how that works, we have both sides of the coin. That’s what a right is to do it or not do it? Right. We’ve been one sided for so long. The authorities say I’m the authority of my life, because I’m the author of it. I author my life. I choose whether I’m going to stay in Florida, I choose whether I’m going to get up in the morning and go hit the Smoky Mountains. I’m the author of my life. So I’m the authority. It’s not one sided. Just because they invite you to their court doesn’t mean you can’t invite them to your court. Is income tax voluntary? Your court stands above the Supreme Court all day every day. That’s a fact. You just have to know how to hold it.

Stop being one sided stop being lorded over, stop being told what to do. Stop taking it up the ass. Stop, stop, stop. We only need a 10th of 1% of the world to stand up and this game is over. Think about it, you get five to 10 people in every county, giving those judges a hard time and holding their own court and starting to expose the fuckery and teach all the other sheep what’s going on. It’s done. It’s already happening. In other places. It’s just not happening enough. gallop and Pennsylvania forget the county Scott, she taught five or 10 of her friends I can’t remember how many. They’re holding the whole county accountable. So, is income tax voluntary? Yes! All freaking county in Pennsylvania dunzo. Game over. Do I then write a response or call them with my response, I would absolutely write a notice. I would absolutely write a notice. You can call them just for fun and record it and then send it to us and we’ll play it all over. But absolutely write it down. written word is your law. You’re expressing your law on paper. So you write notice one, if they continue, you write notice to if they continue, you write notice three, if they continue, you write your court paperwork and you go Hold your own court and you hold the man and a woman that was causing you this problem making you lose work and giving you an order without paying you. You hold them accountable and present your claim in court. Present your bill. Your evidence. Your Honor, I tried to stand in honor I tried to provide remedy I wrote notices. I explained that. So, is income tax voluntary? Yes! I do not accept this, this this order without payment. And they threatened me. And I’m here to press my claim. And Your Honor, I don’t need you to judge because I’m in the private. I need you to act as magistrate I don’t need you to judge anything. I don’t need your opinion. stamp my claim. Meeting adjourned. Yeah, they offer to pay something you’re not willing to do. You’re not a slave. We’re not slaves. We are not slaves. We set our own rates. back until last year when I was in the in the you know the top of the game in the marketing world or two years ago, whatever it was. I didn’t let anyone call me on the phone for under 20 $500 an hour. I set my rates. I was worth it. In the marketing world, that’s actually low compared to some of my colleagues. 2500 an hour, maybe an hour and a half to two hours. If I like, yeah, we’ll get on, we’ll, I’ll show up to the computer in my PJs, and I’ll map out your strategy. I’m the author of my life. Now, I’m kind of wishing I still had that money. But now I’m doing God’s work doesn’t matter. God will provide. So we are the author of our lives. We do not have to consent to anything we don’t want to consent to. You can consent to whatever you want. Somebody wants to get beat up for sexual desires, and you want to consent to that. That’s on you. You’re the author of your life. You say yes, you say yes, do whatever you want. But you don’t have to consent to anything you don’t want to law common to AI needs to be taught to every young woman, young man. I mean, young. I mean, as soon as they can comprehend right and wrong. We the wee ones. So, is income tax voluntary? Yes! My mom told me a little while ago, she said, Do you remember when you were eight years old? And you came running into the room and said, Mom, I figured out life. Nobody can tell me what to do. Even if they hold a gun to my head. I still have a choice. I said, Oh my god, I don’t remember that. But how timely that is? Thanks, mom. She’s like, I was a little nervous to agree with you. But you were right. No one can tell you what to do. Not even mom. Of course mom told me what to do. But nobody can tell us what to do. No other man or woman on the planet, not the authorities. Not a police officer, not a man acting as a police officer. Not a governor, not a sheriff. They work for us. That’s the whole point. We created government. We authored government into existence years ago. We authored them. We created them. And just like a piece of art if you want to wipe your ass with it, we can uncreate them. So, is income tax voluntary? Yes!

Certainly got for today. Glad you join me Talk soon.

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