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Cannabis & Cancer


Hey welcome everyone. Jill, how’s it going?

Going? Good. Happy Tuesday.

Happy Tuesday. All right, so today we are talking about more of the holistic stuff in the plant based medicine and the, you know, treatment for for the cupcake, as we call it. And throughout this, this show and maybe more, we’ll call the we’ll call the jab, the poke or the prick, we’ll call the the illness that’s going around two years now the anniversary event to one we’ll call that the media STD and anything to do with that thing you put over your face, we’ll call it like the surgery costume or the condom or something. So we’ll use we’ll use keywords to talk about anything related to that. And, you know, it’s important because Holistic Health is is, you know, getting getting a spotlight as well through all of the treatments and the the injuries and the how, how a spiritual warriors have to be healthy mind body spirit. So with that said, Jill, and I are going to get into it. And actually one of our guests today, Richard has a great story. So welcome, Richard. Hi. And, yeah, I just want you to recap what you just told us about your health journey real quickly.

All right. ago, I came across the book called The Virgin diet, which is about food intolerance. And a lot of the foods that we eat, and grocery stores without even paying attention, it’s no good for our body, like our body cannot process it, because of all the stuff that’s been added. So alright, so I did the clean out diet, and through this, after you’ve eaten clean, you know, it’s kind of sounds weird to say eat clean, but you do that for three weeks. And then you introduce each one of the seven foods that you’ve eliminated from your diet to see how your body responds. So I did that. And the catch phrase on the book is, which caught my wife’s I was eat a goat, give up seven foods for seven days and lose seven pounds. And that is actually mathematically and biologically correct. Because when you consume things that are no good for you, your immune system fights it 24/7. And you know how you feel when you’re sick with no energy? Well, your immune system, energy to fight, but it also stores energy, because it’s in an endless fight? Yeah, by

the way, from doing the good things in your body to now fighting the toxins and the foreign objects.

Exactly. You slowly gained weight no matter what diet that you’re on. And now I ended up saying it’s unstable.

Anyway. It’s inflammation that inflammation is

the is the beginning of it all. That’s right. That’s correct. So it led me to, I found out about live blood analysis, which I did. And it’s just two drops of blood ones analyzed under a microscope, liquid and one’s allowed to dry. And it’s just the the pattern in the movement of your red and white blood cells not sort of thing and anything is floating around in your system, it shows up. So you get a lot of information, how to adjust your diet, or what supplements to take to help alleviate these problems. type which is only one gene. And our bodies, as far as I know, are made up of 30,000 genes. I’m just relying on what I read. So these books by Dr. DE animal, eat right for your blood type plus the genome type diet. It’s all based on your blood type and your genetic profile.

As well, yeah.

And your genetic profiles determined in the womb of your mom.

Yeah, I believe and whatever your mom is doing exactly. My mom’s or you know, doing drugs, some moms are really healthy and some moms are just thinking certain ways and all that adds up to Yep, crapping crap out good

and good out. Yeah, like everything’s connected no matter how minute or how major of a detail it all is connected. It all

connected. So Richard, I’m glad that you’re eating healthy because I need that for my body. So you’re doing it

instead of you giving me all this homework law calling to use yours.

Alright, Joe, what do you want to throw in there? Before we get into some of the nitty gritty here?

I just think that that’s an amazing story. Those Those are the stories and experiences that I think we should all be sharing with each other because it makes a huge impact. I’m going to go get that book. I can tell you For a very long time that I’ve wanted to change my eating, I eat fairly okay. We switched a lot of our foods to organic, or what they say is organic, you know, I have a hard time believing anything

you got to know.

Yeah, yeah, it’s really important. But I was I’ve been looking to make more changes moving forward, I keep feeling the need to get my food cleaner and more in tune with my body. So I will be on Amazon purchasing this book immediately.

The great that your genetic profile, that’s very important. And I found out that when you eat, like, basically the genome diet is you think your body is a town hall meeting where you can have like hundreds or 1000s of people at a meeting. Some are nice, some aren’t. And you know, get the mixture. So in your body, you eat to support or enhance your good genes and you eat in such a way that dampens your badging. So you find

I can picture that totally.

And it is so meaningful. Like when we when my wife and I figured out our genetic profile, you measure your you compare like your fingerprints, your teeth, the shape of your head, your your bone, length of your sight to your torso, and those types of things. And that’s what determines your profile. And I’m a teacher, by the way.

Well, you are a man who teaches if we’re going to rely on our law knowledge,

well, if you if you get those three books and take the time to read them, it’s it’ll be an investment in yourself, just like anything else that’s on

it. Love it. We’re gonna link to those as well. Awesome. Let’s talk about weed. Okay. Let’s get into it. We don’t want our audience bored here. Well, this is talking about weed. This is talking about weed. No, but seriously, Jill, you’re one of them. You know, I let’s just give my my background. I smoked weed in high school and I didn’t like it. Right. I was 18 You know, senior, whatever. That’s all you had to do in Maine was shoot deer ride snowmobiles and smoke weed. And then I didn’t do it up until this year. So my whole life I didn’t do it because it got stronger. I didn’t like the feeling of you know, I just didn’t like that feeling. I couldn’t control it. I would get paranoid. And then this whole past two years of nonsense again, we’re talking here in October 2021. For those of you that hear this later, this is literally the two year anniversary of that New York kickoff meeting. Meeting the the event to a one for the for the media STD. So we’re two years in so it’s been tumultuous for all of us around the world that are awake to this BS and stressful. So I said, you know, I got back to Florida and like, let me try this cannabis thing again. And lo and behold, my body can handle it. And at the same time Jill was educating me on or sharing knowledge on Hey, our bodies have a cannabinoid I don’t even know if I’m seeing it right? That’s correct. You have any receptor based system a system that that benefits from plant medicine and plant based foods and I want to learn more about that piece of it. Jill, if you can speak to that right now.

So there’s I stumbled I was the same I was a I was a I was a pothead um, I guess is the you know the terminology and the titles and the definitions and adjectives and whatever the hell they all want to call it. I’m actually thankful that I was because they’re going through a time of high school where everybody was drinking drinking was very heavy and they were just getting into hard drugs. It’s amazing how things have evolved so much watching my kids when they were going through high school. But on the on the one hand, I was glad that that’s where I was at because I wasn’t the one out drinking and driving I wasn’t the one out you know, snorting lines of cocaine and doing the acid not saying like whatever your experience is go for it. That’s that’s not I’m not I’m not saying yours is any worse better or great than mine. Mine was just that I oftentimes they’ll say that weed is the gateway drug. I don’t believe that at all. I believe alcohol is and yeah, I will do that. Because I’m 39 years old and I’ve used cannabis since I was 13. And have I tried other harder drugs? Absolutely a few things here and there but never once have I been felt the need to go by an eight ball and snorted because the joint wasn’t enough for me. You know, it was never it was never like that. But they make you think that growing up so it’s really important to point out if they tell they the Friday. Yeah, I’m going to be general and just say that the cabal the evil people because there’s so many of them. The brainwashing is the biggest rube that came up with school and the DARE program and all of that, if they’re telling you that something is terrible for you, cannabis, you should probably look into it. If they’re telling you something’s great. If the cupcakes are good for you, and you should have this and you’re going to be so healthy, you should probably not do that do the opposite of weather. But it’s good, that would be a good that’s true thing now that I Yeah. Um, so it’s just kind of an analysis that fast forward, I went through, you know, feeling the feelings of not being able to tell anybody, it’s a bad thing to do. You’re a horrible person for it. Like, that’s extremely traumatic when you do that for 20. Some years. And if you think about it, um, as a young mom, it was the thing that kept me chill. It was the thing that kept me hanging out with my kids going to the park doing participating. It was the opposite of what they always said it was. Fast forward to about seven years ago, when I started realizing that cannabis wasn’t just for recreational use. And I was starting to get into the medicinal side of it, and helped get some signatures and the state that I live in, we helped get medical marijuana passed. But the turning point for me was when I attended a women grow conference in Colorado. It’s called Women Grow. Oh, it’s a cannabis community. And at the time, I mean, goodness, this was probably around nine. So it was probably seven years ago, I’d have to look at the exact date. But I flew to Denver with my best friend because her niece was just diagnosed with stage four lymphoma and her niece, her daughter, my niece, and she called me up and was like, what, what am I going to do and she was in Oklahoma at the time we met in Denver went to this conference. And I shook hands with DEA agents and judges and attorneys and doctors and all the all the

all the vase that you think would be there supporting it.

Yes. And oh, my goodness, I remember sitting there and it was just like, Are you freaking kidding me right now? Like I could not? I my my whole mind. Joke. I’m about to be busted. Yes, my whole frickin mind was blown. And everybody’s walking around smoking weed. Their vape one. They’re

smoking it too. Yeah. I

mean, now in the conference center, you had to do it outside Denver has different rules. Oh, right. Right, right. Use rules when you’re using. It was it was so crazy to me. And that was?

Well, that’s because the DEA agent is only a title at work when he’s a man and off duty. God damn, they knew back then.

They knew Yes. So it was that was a big point. And then moving forward. From there. I began to I’m definitely not an expert. But I began to understand the medicinal side of it started to really understand the endocannabinoid system. We, my best friend and I created very high, I worked with her to help her create a very high THC oil that we treated her daughter with along with chemo, because when you’re if your child is dying in the states, if your child is diagnosed with cancer, and they are under the age of 18, and you refuse chemo and or radiation and either protocol that the doctors come up with, you are immediately turned over to Child Protective Services and your child is taken from you. So

it’s kidnapping,

right? Oh, right. When I found that when she told me I said I asked her I was like, Are you going to do the chemo? And I was like, I don’t have a choice. So they will turn me over and they’ll come take my kidney this time. We didn’t know am ephors well, and we didn’t know any of this. Yeah, we didn’t know any of this information about law. She was they were paycheck to paycheck like there was there was no way she could fight something like that. So we had to figure out what to do so in conjunction, and in my studies and research and hearing about stories, I have also found that many times, chemo and cannabis work well together because the high THC oil goes in, and basically kind of for lack of a better word it like wraps around the good cells and protects them so that the chemo can annihilate the bad cells.

Interesting. So Tommy, Tommy. So cannabinoid system in in in 10 words or less for our bodies? Is it like a network of like, I know the I knew the Asian toilet highway meridians, okay, that gives me a visual of like 12 highways running from top to bottom through my body that energy passes through. So like the cannabinoid system is it? What is it? What is it in a sentence or two.

And you know me I’m like super simple and I’m always visual. So the, this, the easiest way to describe it is, it’s a system of receptors throughout your body. Some places, there’s more concentrated receptors, and some bodies are built differently. So always remember that. But it’s a system of receptors throughout your body that are not connecting correctly. And when you introduce the supplement of cannabis, whether in the in the hundreds of forms of it strains and different cannabinoids when you introduce the right stuff, the receptors Connect. It’s basically helping them reconnect and stay connected. So your body can function the way it’s supposed to. It’s

another question when we say, when we say these cannabinoid receptors, are we saying that the body was built specifically to receive cannabis for this purpose? Or does the cannabis cannabinoid system refer to all plant based like zucchini and the things we eat as well? Or is this system really specific for cannabis?

It’s my understanding that it’s completely specific for cannabis. I

have mine built into us and I didn’t even know that we’re supposed to take the plant based medicine when we have issues. Yes. Wow. I mean, that’s just proof right there. It’s not like oh, I like to get higher Oh, I think this way Oh, our model scientifically proven have a cannabinoid system and the weed that is outgrowing in nature is specifically for that system.

So the another really clear than that. That is just blows my mind is some of the studies on cannabinoids they are found naturally occurring in breast milk.

Oh, I did read that. Yeah, that’s why they want everyone on formula I’m like doesn’t know I don’t have children or offspring. But if I did truly inhale it put something called formula which sounds like a laboratory word for you into my my offspring. At least I would do goat’s milk formula or something that was a little more natural if I had to but the word yeah you realize you even think about that word

it’s it’s just so again we go back to your body was actually created to use this right use it as a form of medicine use it as um it’s it’s a supplement we really need to change the way we think about it right now smoking it is not the healthiest way at all. You know you don’t you don’t get outside. Yeah, you don’t get cancer from it because it’s different chemicals that are in a cigarette but you are in fact when you inhale something you are irritating your lungs. Yes. Um, so it’s not the healthiest way to consume it. edibles are a healthier way to consume it. Mm hmm. It’s a little harder to control until you kind of figure out the process.

I want to attempt making it and I think I remember that you somewhere have also a free free guide. an e book on how to make Canna butter which is butter infused with the cannabis and you can put it on your steak your potato you can microdose throughout the day which would work for me someone like me because one I eat a ton of butter. I mean I buy two, two to five blocks of it at a time. I love butter My mom always said butter makes everything better like she’s but because I’ve had Lyme disease more than half my life I live with pain 24/7 And you know I don’t like to to smoke it either. But if I could put it into my food as a supplement,

that would be oh and you Jennifer you would get to the point where it would become like a supplement and you don’t get you’re not getting high all day long. Instead your body is adjusting to what is going on. When Yeah, when we made the oil for Kaylee my niece, it takes your body a little while to bring itself up to the to the right dose. So the dosage was so high on the oil that if you just took the tip of a toothpick and put it under your tongue and had not been exposed to THC, especially high THC. You’re just that little bit and you’re in LA LAND. Yeah, you’re, you’re like out

so but circle back to the to the to the pricky prick in the media STD we have a list of things that people have dropped off to us that that supposedly help if God forbid you’ve gotten the the poke or the prick, um, and I can read some of those out but let me pull that list up.

Before I forget if anybody wants a copy of the cannabutter guide, it’s just a little three page recipe that shows how to make gives a really good idea to me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ll put a link or you can go to Jill and shoot me your email and i’ll send it right out to you. Sounds

good yeah, and does the cannabis help with the if you got the prick I know some people have gotten the prick and then come to me and said I’m so scared I’m gonna I’m gonna not live what can I do and so a bunch of people were were sharing you know the things like zinc and and all these things boron and diatomaceous earth and charcoal and clay and I mean, they’re the list is endless. Pine Needle tea, and that’s one of the strong ones. But can the the plant based medicine in your opinion help with they can obviously help with the media STD if you’re feeling like you got the flu? But what about the prick? Do we know?

You know? I don’t. Oh, yeah. It’s so it’s so hard to get into because it’s an unknown like, yeah, I started with what? Yeah, when I started studying cupcakes that are given to our offspring as soon as they are birthed. I began that seven years ago when my kid was injured from several of them. And I started doing that. And I research the ingredients I learned about the ingredients and this one is so much harder to dig into and understand and that’s where your that’s where your understanding is going to come from and learning how to get those out of your system if it’s even possible. Yeah, I don’t know. Each one of those things has a whole different list of stuff and then is that list even true?

I know. I know. I know.

Um, I would say all natural clean as long as you can stay detoxing your body as much as you can with even the simple stuff lemon what hot lemon water every morning.

Yeah, I think the um oh, I just need to exercise or Oh, I just need to eat a salad here and there. The toxins and take removing the toxins from your body is going to give your body the best ability to do what it’s what it was created to do. So these boxes step one always, always always every day. We should be doing some I’m so proud of you, Joe for doing the lemon water in the morning. Yeah, detox, detox, detox.

It’s important and you know, many people that begin to use cannabis, if they’re moving away from the smoking of it, and they’re using it as an edible or as a tincture. I know many people especially the ones that have used it to to clear out the cancer cells, they stay on a maintenance dose and these are people that take the take a dose every single day no matter what and it doesn’t just help keep cancer at bay and keep the body functioning you know in certain areas, but it also helps with pain like your fibromyalgia you would be able to get to the point where for the most part it would be like a supplement you’re taking everyday and your your pain would be a fraction of that yeah, I

don’t like to not have pain even just yeah your hurts everything hurts to breathe hurt so yeah, no. And I wish I knew this before I mean I you know it but until you know it no it you know it’s um it’s like before Davey died because you don’t you you and I got him on it a little you know, a little too late but it it did slow down his his cancer. The doctor was even surprised. He said, and he knew what I had in mind. But he’s, you know, he was a western values like, wow, what are you what are you doing? He’s like, keep that up. He can’t he can’t really talk about it because he took the title of veterinary and then he’s obligated to the rules and obligations of the veterinary society. But if he was just a man who helped animals you could do what you want, like the country doctors.


but anyway, that’s the That’s our law discussion on another on another channel. Now it’s fascinating. Um, we have pretty much you know, covered some things that might get this audio ghosted, but that’s okay, we need to talk I encourage everyone to check out Jill She also has a store with cannabis items and really cool stuff and you know, cuz I got to be honest, I was always judgy like you said of the, the pot heads and the tie dye shirts and, and the music that you know, we were all listening to when we were high in high school and I wanted to run it. Yeah, you know, like I can sing every every Leonard Skinner song and every evil song and play cribbage while doing it just because I was so high when I was 18 and ice gone again. That’s all we did. But um, I got away from it because of the stigma attached to it which they created the stigma. And now I’m like, damn, there shouldn’t be any stigma it’s so helpful let’s rebrand this stuff. Let’s make it desirable to wear something that has a pot leaf on a t shirt. So Gil store is kind of paving the way for that. It’s really cool. So again, check out Gil Landry calm. And we’re gonna come back next week. Next week. I think we’re gonna be discussing some crypto and then it’s not cryptocurrency Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually considered an asset and labeled as an asset. So crypto assets we’ll be talking about next week. That said, Thanks, Jill. Yeah, no problem. For the information today, and we’ll see everyone next week. Bye.


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