Week In Review (Week of 11/08/21)


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This week’s Jen & Jill Nugget!

Shutting down mask mandates

This week, Jill & I jumped on Zoom for our weekly LIVE chat and discussed How To Handle The “Simon Says” OF Town Councils and more.

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Latest Podcast

The Wealthy Don’t Want You Healthy: Cannabis & Cancer Chat

In this episode we explain the difference between being #2 on the totem pole of earth or being a title which subjects you to duties, obligations, legal societies and more. #2 is where it’s at. Pole position matters when holding your own court.

Private Versus Public

In this episode, Jen & Jill discuss private versus public with regards to operating as a title in the public legal contract world or operating as a man or woman in the private world.


To listen to more episodes, head on over to https://anchor.fm/jennifergoodwin

Latest Articles!

Law Versus Simon Says

Hey, everyone, we are here for our weekly Tuesday chat. We do this every week. And today we are doing just question and answer because every fourth week, we just open it up for questions. 

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What is happening next!

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